Summer Hair Tips and Trends 2017
Spring Into Summer Hair Trends
Summer is heating up and so are summer hair trends! Everyone seems to be more active as the days grow longer and brighter. Summer haircuts need to look good enough to take you from sunlit brunches to warm evenings on the town! What are the hottest trends in summer hair?... Read more
5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day
5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day
5 Things Hair Stylists Must Do Every Day Hair stylists are very busy people! When you attend a hair stylist school, you will have the opportunity to learn about techniques for styling and managing hair. You will also likely realize that there is much more to being a hair stylist... Read more
Skills That Great Cosmetologists Have
3 Habits of Highly Effective Cosmetologists
What is a cosmetologist and what do you need to know to be highly effective in the field? Cosmetologists work with people to help them style and maintain their hair, skin, and nails, all basic skills that can be learned in cosmetology school. To be truly effective as a cosmetologist,... Read more
5 Trends in Cosmo in 2017
5 Big Trends in Cosmetology in 2017
New York, Milan, London and Paris runways offer glimpses into stunning beauty trends 2017, and great changes are in store. For starters, expect organic beauty products to continue to expand across the skincare space. Multi-functional beauty products are also expected to rise in popularity, according to Global Cosmetic Industry. 1... Read more
4 Things Clients Really Want in A Hairstylist
4 Things Clients Really Want in a Hairstylist
Clients look for key traits in a hair stylist. These traits distinguish top beauty professionals in Michigan from average beauty specialists. Keep reading to discover the four things that could set you apart as a beauty specialist. Hair Stylist Influence Goes Outside Salon Boundaries Let’s quickly explore how important the... Read more