Best Apples for Baking | Culinary School Tips

Best Apples for Baking | Culinary School Tips

October is National Apple Month!  Today in our series Culinary School Tips, we’re sharing with you some of the best apples for baking.  With the fall season upon us, now is a great time to enjoy apples, particularly in baked dishes.  There are many types of apples out there today.  It’s also important to know that not all apples are the same.  So, how can you tell the difference?  What makes a Granny Smith different from a Golden Delicious?  Well, don’t sweat it!  Our team is going to break down some of the best types of apples that can be used in baking.  So whether it’s a pie, a tart, or some other baked treat, we have you covered on the apples.  We hope this info is helpful not only during national apple month but throughout the year.

 Best Apples for Baking | Culinary School Tips

Best Apples for Baking

Not all apples are well suited for baking.  This is in part because different varieties of apples have different textures.  Not all apples have a texture that can properly withstand baking.  Some apples, for instance, are just better for eating out of your hand.  So, what are the best types of apples for baking?  Well, our team has identified a few.  Check them out below!

Granny Smith

Granny Smith apples have often been thought of as the “go to” when it comes to baking.  Granny Smith apples have a green skin.  They also have a crisp flesh and a moderately sweet taste.  They can also have a tart and tangy taste to them.  Granny Smith apples can be especially delicious when used in apple pies.  That’s because their flavor can be enhanced when used with other apples and/or the spices in an apple pie recipe.


When you’re in the mood for an apple during a brisk fall day, a honeycrisp has been a popular “go-to,” especially for those of us here in Michigan and the Midwest.  The thing about honeycrisp apples is that they are often only available for a few months in the fall.  So, enjoy them while you can!  As their name suggests, these apples have a rather crisp taste and a tart, honey-sweet flavor.  Honeycrisps also complement other apples well, so they can be used in pies.  Whether you choose to eat one out of hand or add it into your next pie, grab a honeycrisp this fall!

Golden Delicious

Golden Delicious apples are a popular choice in baking in part because they maintain their shape.  These apples have a naturally sweet flavor, so recipes using this variety don’t require a lot of added sugar.  These apples have often been used by bakers aiming for a sweeter and softer apple in their pie.  Goldens are also popular in applesauce and apple butter.


The Winesnap is a juicy apple that has a balance of sweet and sour.  As its name suggests, it can also have a winey, aromatic taste to it.  Winesnaps are very sturdy, which again, make them a popular “go-to” when it comes to baking.  Winesnaps are also popular in wines, cider, salads, and applesauce.

There you have it!  Here are four apples you can consider the next time you’re baking a dish.  Obviously, there are other good types of apples you can use when it comes to baking as well, but these are among some of the most popular.  We hope everyone enjoys National Apple Month and Happy Baking!

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