5 Big Trends in Cosmetology in 2017

5 Trends in Cosmo in 2017

New York, Milan, London and Paris runways offer glimpses into stunning beauty trends 2017, and great changes are in store. For starters, expect organic beauty products to continue to expand across the skincare space. Multi-functional beauty products are also expected to rise in popularity, according to Global Cosmetic Industry. 1 In fact, skincare trends in the United States alone may push the industry over the $10 billion mark in 2018.

2017 Beauty Trends – What You Can Expect

Get ready for an exciting, visual display of colors, glamour, and style. Keep reading to get an inside glimpse of five big trends set to impact the beauty industry in 2017.

2017 Beauty Trends Are Stunning

1. Glitz and Glam

5 Trends in Cosmo in 2017

Spring 2017 makeup trends may see people blend colors. For example, Elle shares that soft highlighters, bold mascara, and colored gloss will give beauty mavens definition and an elegant look. 2 Other Spring 2017 makeup trends highlight natural tones. For instance, people who love skipping foundation or wearing only one level of makeup, may especially adore this trend. Even if you do use foundation, opt for a lighter, creamier layer. You may even see great party looks from the 1980s and 1990s make a comeback, so get out your glitter, long lashes, and hair pieces.

2. Bold Colors

Don’t be timid with colors in 2017. If the latest runway shows are right, it’s time to go bold with colors. Beauty trends 2017 are all about you and your amazing personality. Feeling gutsy? Try dark reds or a daring blues, greens, or purples. Forget holding back. Let your makeup, hair, nails, and clothes help show the world who you really are.

3. Sharp Nail Trends 2017

Beauty Trends 2017

Bright colors won’t be the only impact on nails in the new year. Shapes are going to take center stage, too. Fashionisers reveals that squared oval, long almond, oval, and rounded shapes are going to trend. 3 L and graphics will also be huge for 2017 beauty trends. You’ll also see more dual tones, nail art, and marble looks with  .

4. Braids Sparkle

5 Trends in Cosmo in 2017


It won’t be the average braid that headlines beauty trends 2017. Tight braids are in, shares Allure. 4 This means crisp, sharp parts and taut braids. Styles to choose from include French braids and stylish ponytails. It doesn’t matter if you keep a clean look or complement your braids with ribbon, barrettes,  or bangs.

Clear Skin Is In

Beauty Trends 2017

Clear skin is at the top of the Spring 2017 makeup trends. Even if you decide to rock a crafty, youthful hairstyle, clean skin is important. Remove makeup nightly to keep your skin clean. Also, give your skin a deep cleansing before you head to bed. Another way to keep clean, healthy skin is to apply sun block before heading out in warm weather.

In conclusion, Beauty trends 2017 are going to be exciting. They will give fashionistas, conventional adults, and millennials the chance to enhance the beautiful features with which they were born. Bold is in, but so too are soft colors that accentuate calmer personalities.

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