3 Reasons to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

become a certified medical assistant

Do you want to become a certified medical assistant? If so, that’s great news. The healthcare industry is a thriving field with promising career opportunities. Obtaining certification as a medical assistant may open even more doors. After speaking with Lana Sherwin, the medical program's manager at Dorsey Schools, we were able to come up with three reasons why you should consider going the extra mile by pursuing certification as a Medical Assistant.

3 Reasons to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

Certification could be a requirement soon.

3 Reasons to Become a Certified Medical Assistant

Even though it is an option now, some professionals in the field claim that it will not be for long. Instead of certification being a benefit, it could soon become a prerequisite.  That said it could be better to plan to pursue your certification as a medical assistant after your training.

Bigger facilities may only hire Certified Medical Assistants.

Employment in bigger facilities often offers better and more consistent hours, as well as stronger job stability.  Bigger facilities may also have the flexibility to only hire certified medical assistants, given the number of applicants they may receive.  If that is the case, you do not want to be shut out.  Pursuing and obtaining your certification as a medical assistant can help set you apart from others in the field.

Certification can give prospective employees more value.

When you care enough to complete coursework and take the certification exam, you show employers that you are dedicated to your job as a medical assistant.  You can also show that you are committed to continuous development in your career as a medical assistant. In short, certification is a great way to demonstrate your dedication to the profession, gain professional respect and recognition, and pursue medical assistant jobs in the field.

If a career as a medical assistant sounds right for, Dorsey Schools may be able to help you along your path.

Medical Assistant training program at Dorsey Schools

What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

The Dorsey Schools Medical Assistant diploma program gives students the opportunity to learn specialized skills that are necessary for employment in a medical office, clinic or another healthcare facility. Graduates of the Dorsey Schools program may challenge a certification exam upon successful completion of the program and its requirements.The Medical Assistant program covers a variety of topics including:

The Medical Assistant program covers a variety of topics including:

  • Taking and recording a health history, vital signs, and physical measurements
  • Infection Control
  • Pharmacology Basics
  • Administering Medications and Injections
  • Specimen Collection and handling for laboratory tests
  • First Aid
  • Medical Terminology
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Medical Office Procedures
  • Electronic Health Records
  • And more…!

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Reviewed and edited 12/6/17