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When you think of the career you want to pursue, dental assisting comes to mind. However, you need some questions answered before you take the next step. If this describes you, we understand! Maybe you’re wondering ‘is dental assistant a good career for me?’ or ‘what skills do I need for this career path?’ Asking the right questions could help you find out whether becoming a dental assistant is the right career for you.

So where do you begin? One way you could tell if being a dental assistant fits your personal goals is by searching for “dental assistant classes Michigan”. As you learn more about what it’s like to be a dental assistant and the various classes you may need to become one, you could begin to find your answer.

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What it’s like to be a Dental Assistant

When asking ‘is dental assistant a good career for me?’, evaluate the responsibilities that come with the job, what kind of work environment you would be in, and whether you enjoy this type of work. Ask yourself follow-up questions, such as are you passionate about oral care? Do you mind being in close contact with patients?

One follow-up question you may have is where do dental assistants work? They are typically found working in dentists offices under the direction of a dentist or dental hygienist. Common tasks that could be expected of you in this work environment include:

  • Preparing patients for dental exams and treatments
  • Cleaning dental tools or equipment
  • Assisting dentists with patient procedures
  • Filing patient medical records
  • Scheduling patient appointments
  • Taking x-rays or impressions of the patient’s teeth
  • Processing patient payments and bills
  • And more!

Being a dental assistant is more than just helping a dentist. So, whether you need to know how to take an x-ray or schedule a patient’s follow-up appointment, you could learn these skill sets in one of the training schools near you!

What is dental assistant school like?

Before deciding if this is the right profession to pursue, it is important to find out what skills you may need for this career. Common classes you could take could include dental anatomy and physiology, basic terminology, dental materials, instrument sterilization, infection control, and more!

Dental assistant training schools are designed to prepare students for common responsibilities expected on the job, whether clinical or administrative. Many dental assistant training schools offer an externship to give students hands-on training while interacting with patients in a dental facility.

When it comes to the length of a program, you could expect most dental assisting training schools to take about 1 year to complete. This career could be a great fit for those looking for a quick educational experience before beginning their career. After successful completion of the program, you could receive a certificate or diploma.

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Reviewed and edited 2/28/22