10 Things an Electrical Technician Can Do Today To Improve Reliability

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Success as an electrical technician in the state of Michigan requires reliability as a person, reliability in a skill set, and reliability at work on-site. As such, certain qualities are needed to fulfill most of the responsibilities included in a typical electrical technician job description.

10 Things an Electrical Technician Can Do Today To Improve Reliability

Dorsey Schools’ Lead Instructor of the Electrical Technician program at the Dearborn, MI campus, Mr. John Clark, recently described five essential qualities as:

  • Logic
  • Coordination
  • Hard work
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility

A10 Things An Electrician Can Do To Improve Reliability n electrical technician who possesses these qualities is generally seen as a more reliable person in the skilled trades industry. Students in electrical technician schools are afforded the opportunity to learn these skills and more. As part of the Electrical Technician training program at Dorsey Schools, we want our students to be prepared for success in school as well as in their chosen careers. Part of that success will come as a result of understanding what an electrical technician can do to improve reliability on the job.

A post written by a professional in the business1 described just those things that are needed to improve reliability once at work on site:

  1. Keep drawings up to date
  2. Stop creating failures
  3. Develop and implement a good electrical cabinet inspection procedure
  4. Walk down, identify, and address the obvious
  5. Switch mounting brackets
  6. Eliminate jumpers and temporary repairs
  7. Get educated and involved with the use of reliability tools
  8. Identify and understand the impact of hidden failures
  9. Get involved in design/review of control logic and alarms packages
  10. Use the right tools for each job

The Electrical Technician training program at Dorsey Schools is designed to prepare students to work in industrial, residential, construction, commercial, municipal or the utility industry to install, repair, or maintain a variety of electrical wiring, fixtures, and system equipment.  Students enrolled in the Electrical Technician training program at Dorsey Schools will have the opportunity to learn the application of technical electrical skills through the hands-on training, while developing good work habits, which are required to obtain entry-level employment in this field.

For more information about prepared to become a reliable electrical technician through training provided at the Electrical Technician training program at Dorsey Schools, call us at 888-422-1188 today!

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Reviewed and edited 12/6/17