What You Should Know about LPN Training Programs

lpn training programs

Do you have an internal desire to help people? Are you a caring nurturer to friends and family? Being rewarded both professionally and personally by caring for others is what nursing is all about. If you’ve considered healthcare as a potential career path, becoming a practical nurse is a great choice!

Nurses are on the front-lines in many healthcare settings and this includes licensed practical nurses (LPN). LPNs care for people directly in a healthcare or residential care facility. They typically work under the direction of physicians, mid-level practitioners, and registered nurses. They’re healthcare professionals who receive their skills and initial experience from LPN training programs. These programs help prepare students for a career in the healthcare field and there are LPN programs in the Detroit area ready for you!

Beginning your search for a practical nurse training program should start with research and consultation with several of the LPN nursing programs in Michigan before you start your academic journey. But there may be a handful of questions you are asking yourself as you begin researching LPN training programs.

  • What could I learn in my LPN training courses?
  • Will I have hands-on instruction?
  • Are the teachers experienced healthcare professionals?
  • Will I have the opportunity to participate in clinical rotations?

You’ll want to make sure that you enroll in a program that answers these questions and fits your academic and career goals. Continue reading as we explain things you should know about LPN training programs before you get started!

Have the opportunity to become a vital member of a healthcare team with Practical Nurse training!

All LPN Training Programs are not created equal

LPN training programs could give students the skills and hands-on training needed to work in a healthcare setting. Starting to find an LPN training program could seem daunting at first.  Especially when factoring the time and cost to attend nursing school. The vast majority of LPN training programs could be completed in a year and many LPN programs in the Detroit area have financial aid available to those who qualify.

Many of the numerous LPN Nursing Programs in Michigan offer hands-on training taught by experienced instructors. Classes could be held in both a traditional classroom setting as well as a hands-on environment in labs. It’s important for a student to choose an LPN training program that has both classroom instruction and hands-on experience with experienced instructors to guide you.

Some sample class titles include:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Geriatric Nursing
  • Maternal/Newborn Nursing
  • Pediatric Nursing
  • Mental Health Concepts

Once you’ve completed the schooling, those graduating from an LPN training program in Michigan can then take the NCLEX-PN® exam to become licensed in the State of Michigan as an LPN. Once licensed, you’ll be able to work as a practical nurse in many different healthcare settings!

Your LPN training courses may be challenging, but very rewarding!

Within the fast-growing healthcare industry, LPNs are vital members of a healthcare team. As an LPN you could be working alongside registered nurses and doctors to help care for patients. LPNs are a vital part of patient care. They’re directly involved with patients one-on-one in most medical settings.

Practical Nurses should have good interpersonal skills, speaking skills, patience, compassion, physical stamina, and be detail-oriented among many others¹. Many LPN training programs offer clinical training to provide students with real-life situations in a variety of healthcare settings. This provides them with a range of experiences with diverse populations, organizations, and agencies.

A Fulfilling Career in Healthcare | What it means to become an LPN

LPNs are a cornerstone of the medical community. LPN training courses may prepare you for observing patients and providing basic medical and nursing care. Basic medical care may include²:

  • Changing bandages
  • Helping patients bathe and dress
  • Checking blood pressure
  • Keep records on patients’ health

Practical nurses traditionally work in nursing care facilities, hospitals, doctors’ offices, home health care service agencies, and residential care facilities. Fortunately, the employment of licensed practical and vocational nurses is projected to grow 11% from 2018 to 2028³.

Thus, it’s an exciting time to choose LPN training programs in Michigan. Job opportunities as an LPN are strong and schools are waiting for those interested in a fulfilling career opportunity in the healthcare industry.

Practical Nurse training at Dorsey Schools

Taking your passion for helping others and finding the best LPN training programs that fit your needs and schedule is an important beginning step in your healthcare journey. Choosing LPN classes in Detroit, Michigan that incorporate both classroom and instructional, hands-on training by experienced healthcare professionals is another key task to potential nursing success.

If part of your search has been for LPN classes in Detroit, Michigan, and you are still asking yourself “Where can I find practical nurse training near me?” The Practical Nurse training program at Dorsey Schools could be for you. The PN courses at Dorsey Schools offer extensive classroom training and the practical hands-on experience you may need to help you prepare for a rewarding career in the healthcare field.

The Dorsey Schools Practical Nurse program is designed to help prepare students in the cognitive, psychomotor, and behavior learning domains for a career as a practical nurse. Our students also have the opportunity to gain exposure to a variety of clinical settings throughout their academic program while learning the skills necessary for patient care.

Upon successful completion of the Practical Nurse training program, provided all requirements for graduation are met, the graduate will receive a certificate in practical nursing and be eligible to sit for the PN-NCLEX Exam.

If you’re interested in enrolling in the Practical Nurse program at Dorsey Schools, the first step you should take is speaking with one of our Admissions Representatives. Request information online and read more about our Admissions process, including specific admissions requirements for the Practical Nurse program, on our Admissions information page.

Take the next step towards your future with Dorsey Schools!


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