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As temperatures heat up, the demand grows for technicians who can keep homes and businesses cool. Air conditioning becomes very important in the hot summer months, for comfort and for safety. As an air conditioning (AC) technician, you could play an integral part in keeping everyone cool! What skills and qualities are needed to become a good AC Technician? There are a number of technical abilities that are helpful when completing the duties associated with an AC Technician job. Good customer service and communication skills are very important, particularly when working with customers.

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An AC Technician must also have active listening skills, to determine the customer’s concerns, as well as time management skills, to be able to complete all the required jobs efficiently. In addition, a good AC Technician may need installation, quality control analysis, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills.

Becoming A Successful AC Technician

When working in air conditioning maintenance and repair, attention to safety becomes very important as well. A good AC Technician is focused on handling materials such as refrigerants appropriately so they don’t touch the skin and they aren’t inhaled. Some refrigerants are actually flammable, so safety precautions must be taken in that situation as well. Staying focused on following EPA rules and regulations on the job when handling materials can help keep the AC technician and the customer safe!What Makes a Good AC Technician?

Certification in the technical skills or relevant licensure may be required of a good AC Technician, depending on the state. The United States EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has instituted regulations under Section 608 of the Clean Air Act that gives specific guidance on certification for Technicians on the national level.1 Students in an HVAC apprentice program are exempt from certification requirements provided they are closely and continually supervised by a certified technician.

Air Conditioning Tech Student Working on AC Unit | Dorsey Schools - Michigan

What it takes to become a good AC Technician

Wondering how to become an HVAC apprentice or how to become an HVAC technician? Hands-on training is very important in preparing for a job in AC repair. A program that provides externships and real-world exposure can help prepare students to become good AC apprentices or technicians. Dorsey Schools’ HVAC Systems Technician training program is taught in Michigan at the Wayne campus (a branch of Madison Heights), with an externship built into the training. Students are also provided the opportunity to prepare to sit for the EPA Section 608 Type 2 certification exam.

A good AC Technician has developed the technical skills to troubleshoot equipment, perform maintenance on equipment, repair damaged equipment, install new equipment or replace old equipment. At Dorsey Schools HVAC training school, we provide our students with the information and technical training they need to pursue these AC Technician requirements.

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