An Open Letter from John Barnes, President and CEO of Dorsey Schools

open letter from dorsey schools president

Over the past few months, each of us have felt the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our daily routines have changed, we have had to adjust how we navigate simple tasks like going to the grocery store, and pharmacy, and unfortunately, many have had to cope with loss in one way or another. While there have been plenty of hardships, I continue to be comforted and inspired by the acts of resilience, generosity, and compassion within our local communities and around the world.

Among the many examples of determination and resilience, our students who have continued with their training, during these trying times, inspire me daily. This surely has not come without a sacrifice on their part one way or another, but many of these students are our future essential workers. Among them are future nurses, medical assistants, paramedics, and heating and air conditioning technicians, just to name a few. I am proud of each of them and what they will continue to do once their training is completed. That has been a hallmark of what we have done here at Dorsey Schools for over 85 years.

Many in our state (and around the country) have been laid off from their job due to COVID-19, and there may be uncertainty around if, and/or when they may return to work. I’m pleased to announce that over the coming weeks, our team here at Dorsey Schools will be releasing a set of resources for those who may be looking to reskill or retrain or perhaps just seek out information on a potential new career field. We will share information such as profiles on career fields and occupations, as well as various training programs. Our mission, since 1934, has been to help people here in Michigan obtain the skills and training they need for a new career. You may even notice us referencing MI-NEW-CAREER from time to time because it is a reminder of who we are, and what we do. We are group of schools here in Michigan, proudly serving members of our local communities, and preparing them for their new career.

There is a popular quote, “Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.” I love this quote for so many reasons, and it reminds me so much of the people right here in our state. Michiganders are tough, and we are resilient. We have lived through tough times before, and through it all, we have pushed through. I believe we are in one of those times now. There are no shortages of challenges that we’ll face in the days and weeks ahead, but these tough times are sure not to last. We, as Michiganders, will find a way to come back from this, stronger and more resilient. That is my hope and my wish for all of us.