Medical Career Training in Michigan: Which Program is Right for You?

medical career training

Have you decided to pursue medical career training but still feel unsure which program is right for you? No problem! There are four exciting medical career training programs you could consider as you decide which path is right for you. Choosing the program that best suits your professional and personal goals could give you confidence and assurance to pursue your dreams. Continue reading to explore a variety of medical career training programs and discover the career of your dreams!

Learn which medical career training program is the perfect fit for you!

A Medical Administration and Billing Career: Strengthen Office Productivity

If you desire to work in healthcare and enjoy office work, then Medical Administration and Billing training could be the career you are looking for. With training in medical administration and billing, you could be drafting reports, scheduling appointments, managing databases, filing insurance claims, and increasing the overall efficiency in a medical office! Completing training in a Medical Administration and Billing program could lead to working in hospitals, medical offices, or other health care facilities.

As part of your training, you could learn medical terminology, anatomy, database management, and more! There are a few qualities an individual may have to be the perfect fit for a Medical Administration and Billing program. If you are focused, organized, detail-oriented, and willing to be a team player this could be the career for you!

Work Hand-in-Hand with Medical Professionals as a Patient Care Technician

Do you enjoy helping others and desire a hands-on career in the medical field, then becoming a patient care technician (PCT) could be the right path for you. There are a variety of Patient Care Technician programs in Michigan, but you want to make sure you choose a program with an externship and flexible class scheduling. PCT’s provide the patient with basic care while working under the supervision of skilled nurses and doctors. Graduates of Patient Care Technician programs could also fill the positions of orderlies and nursing assistants where needed1. As a PCT your duties could include:

  • Listening to and reporting the patient’s health concerns
  • Assisting patients with bathing, using the restroom, and dressing
  • Taking vital signs
  • Helping your patients with meals2

Patient care technicians perform these duties while working in hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities, physicians’ offices, and other medical facilities3. Becoming a PCT through medical career training could give you the opportunity to improve your patient’s lives and build a fulfilling career in the medical field.

Dialysis Patient Care Technician Duties: Help Dialysis Patients With Their Care

Becoming a dialysis patient care technician is a great field for those who want to work specifically with dialysis patients. This career is different from regular patient care technicians whose duties are not specific to a patient population, per se. If you choose this career path, it is wise to consider medical career training programs that offer an externship. Programs with externships provide hands-on training in common dialysis patient care technician duties. This might include operating dialysis machines, overseeing blood-filtering treatments for patients, and providing basic care while under the supervision of registered nurses. These healthcare providers typically work in hospitals, dialysis centers, healthcare clinics, medical offices, and other healthcare facilities. Choosing to become a dialysis patient care technician could give you a beautiful and impactful career.

Help Patients Heal through Pharmacy Technician Training Courses

Have you ever considered enrolling in a Pharmacy Technician training program? Pharmacy technicians assist Pharmacists as they provide vital medication to their customers or other medical professionals. They play an essential role in the wellness of the patient and help the pharmacy run smoothly.

If you consider this career path, taking pharmacy technician training courses and completing an externship could help prepare you for a successful career. Pharmacy technicians work in pharmacies, including those found in drug, general merchandise, grocery stores, and in hospitals4. As a pharmacy technician, you could be responsible for:

  • Obtaining information from the patient to fill/refill prescriptions
  • Counting or weighing medication for prescriptions
  • Preparing prescriptions through packaging and labeling
  • Maintaining inventory and communicating any shortages to pharmacists
  • Processing payments and insurance claims for prescriptions
  • And more5!

Become a pharmacy technician through medical career training and leave your mark in the healthcare industry!

Dorsey School’s Medical Career Training Programs

If you have been researching schools that offer medical career training programs in Michigan, consider Dorsey Schools! We offer the following medical career training programs:

  • Medical Administration and Billing program
    • The Medical Administration and Billing diploma program at Dorsey Schools is designed to help prepare the student for this in-demand field through teaching the best practices of medical billing and management.
  • Patient Care Technician program
    • Enrolling in our Patient Care Technician diploma program means you could receive career training in a variety of foundational patient care skills you may need to excel in the field. We also offer an externship where you can turn knowledge into experience to help build a successful career.
  • Dialysis Patient Care Technician program
    • In our Dialysis Patient Care Technician program, students are taught the basic clinical skills to properly care for patients with acute/chronic renal disease undergoing dialysis treatment. To expand your learning experience there is an externship component to the program, where you could work with real dialysis patients.
  • Pharmacy Technician program
    • The pharmacy technician training courses in our Pharmacy Technician program are designed to prepare students to work in an ambulatory pharmacy under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. Our externship portion could allow you to practice pharmacy technician responsibilities and protocols.

If these career paths don’t interest you, we offer a number of medical career training programs! Contact us today to find the career path that is right for you!

Here, at Dorsey Schools, it is our goal to help students find a program that suits their personal and professional goals. Enrolling in medical career training courses could help you become the medical professional you desire to be and lead to success in the healthcare industry. Contact us today to learn how Dorsey Schools can help you begin training for your new career in healthcare!


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