Meet Nadia, a Medical Assistant student at the Madison Heights, MI campus!

Meet Nadia a Medical Assistant student at the Madison Heights MI campus 1 1

Welcome to Spotlight!  We will feature Dorsey Schools’ students, graduates, staff members, and others here from time to time to highlight their hard work and achievements.

Today we would like to introduce you to Nadia.  She is a student at the Dorsey Schools Madison Heights, MI campus training in the Medical Assistant program.

Meet Nadia, a Medical Assistant student at the Madison Heights, MI campus!

Here’s a little more about Nadia:Meet Nadia, a Medical Assistant student at the Madison Heights, MI campus!


Nadia E.

Dorsey Schools Campus:

Madison Heights, MI

Program of Study:

Medical Assistant

What brought you to Dorsey?  Why did you decide to study at Dorsey?

“I wanted to change my life for the better with a new career.  One of my cousins went to Dorsey and she told me it was a great program so I decided to go there.”

How/why did you select your specific program of study at Dorsey?

“I chose to be a Medical Assistant because I have the experience and the patience/heart to help people.”

What is/has been the best part of your experience studying at Dorsey?

“The best part of my experience has to be all the things I’ve learned and experienced along the way that I will never forget in the field.”

What has been your favorite class in your program thus far?  Why has it been your favorite?

“My favorite class has to be Venipuncture because it has a lot of hands-on work, which I like”

What advice might you give to someone sitting at home who is thinking about studying at Dorsey, but they are unsure if they can do this?

“I would tell them that I am a mother of 3 kids & I got all A’s because I put hard-work and effort in, also if I could do it then they can do it too.”

What advice might you give to a friend or classmate currently studying at Dorsey who is struggling and thinking about giving up?

“Personally I would have to tell them that if you have a goal then you should accomplish that goal, so don’t give up because the year will fly by.”

Way to go Nadia!!  All of here at the Madison Heights, MI campus and throughout Dorsey are so proud of everything you’ve accomplished thus far and can’t wait to see the many great things you do as you continue down this new path towards becoming a Medical Assistant.

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