Meet Dalia, a Medical Assistant Student at the Madison Heights, MI campus!

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Welcome to Spotlight!  We will feature Dorsey Schools’ students, graduates, staff members, and others here from time to time to highlight their hard work and achievements. Today we would like to introduce you to Dalia.  She is a student at the Dorsey Schools Madison Heights, MI campus training in the Medical Assistant program.

About Dalia, A Medical Assistant Student in Madison Heights, MI

Here’s a little more about Dalia:

1. Name:

Dalia W.

2. Dorsey Schools Campus:  Madison Heights, MIMedical Assistant Student at the Madison Heights, MI campus

In 2014, our Madison Heights campus moved to a spacious new facility on John R Road to meet the needs of our students training for new careers in the Healthcare field. Our staff is dedicated to preparing the Medical Assistants, Patient Care Technicians, Massage Therapists, Practical Nurses, Nurse Aides, and Medical Billing and Coding professionals of tomorrow!

3. Program of Study:  Medical Assistant

Enroll in the Medical Assistant Program at Dorsey Schools today and get the career training you need to become a valued professional in the healthcare field.

4. Why did you decide to study at Dorsey?

“I saw that Dorsey was accredited and had a great reputation and medical program.  I wanted to work in my field of interest and decided the time was now.”

5. How/why did you select your specific program of study at Dorsey?

“Medical Assistance will give me the versatility I need and experience I desire by allowing me to work under Doctors, what I someday aspire to be, and perform both clinical and clerical tasks.”

6. What is/has been the best part of your experience studying at Dorsey?

“My best experience at Dorsey was the opportunity to meet such great instructors who are supportive and want me to succeed.”

7. What has been your favorite class in your program thus far?  Why has it been your favorite?

“MG106 and MA112 have been my two favorite, oddly enough because psychology allowed for me to deeply think about and create a guide for my goals and MA112 helped me to further understand how to handle situations on the administrative side.”

8. What advice might you give to someone sitting at home who is thinking about studying at Dorsey, but they are unsure if they can do this?

“I would tell them to just go…the staff is very supportive and you will be provided with all of the necessary equipment you need and then some.”

9. What advice might you give to a friend or classmate currently studying at Dorsey who is struggling and thinking about giving up?

“Don’t.  Simple as that.  Remember the reason you initially enrolled.  Life will happen.  Nothing that comes easy is worth the reward.”

Congratulations, Dalia, your Dorsey Madison Heights family is very proud of all you have achieved thus far.  We know there are many more achievements headed your way on your path to a new career!

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