Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistant Programs

Medical Assistants work on the front lines of our healthcare system. If you want to become a medical assistant, a good first step is to consider training. This means getting info on medical assistant programs. Dorsey Schools can help you with this process. We offer a medical assistant program. The medical assistant training at Dorsey strives to expose students to the knowledge and skills needed to excel in this field.

Medical Assistant Training

Medical Assistant programs may be designed to teach their students about a variety of topics. These may include taking a health history and vital signs. Students will also likely be exposed phlebotomy and administering injections. First Aid, CPR, and medical office administration are likely to be covered as well. Having strong interpersonal skills is also key. Students in our medical assistant program will be exposed to each of these topics. They will also be able to participate in an externship. During externship, students can apply what they have learned. They can also gain professional exposure in this field. Check out our Dorsey Schools blog. We have info on medical assistant programs and much more. We strive to share useful info on medical assistant careers. Take the first step! Learn more today. You can explore how to become a medical assistant. Are you interested in training in a medical assistant program? If so, you should consider Dorsey Schools in Michigan. Your new career as a medical assistant can begin here at Dorsey Schools.


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