3 Ways a Medical Assistant Program Can Help Strengthen your Resume

medical assistant program

You want your resume to stand out for employers, but maybe you’re not sure how a medical assistant program could help you do that. You’re ready to move forward toward your medical assistant goals, but you want to take the right steps for your future. Successfully graduating from a medical assistant program could help open up career opportunities for you within the healthcare field. In a medical assistant training program, you could learn practical tools through hands-on experience and become knowledgeable in MA responsibilities! This could be your opportunity not just to improve your resume but to become fully equipped as a medical assistant. Keep reading to explore three ways a medical assistant program could take you and your resume to the next level!

1. Medical Assistant Programs that Offer an Externship Can Help your Resume Stand Out

Before making your decision on a school, it’s essential to check if the school offers an externship. Taking part in an externship could show prospective employers that you have experience interacting with patients. This could also increase their confidence in your ability to perform medical assistant tasks. An externship could help prepare you as a student for the real world, where you would be helping patients with real healthcare concerns. This beneficial program would give you the opportunity to go to an occupational setting and learn-by-doing from professionals in a medical facility.

In an externship, you could allow these professionals to challenge you, to stretch you and show you how to provide amazing care. You could watch them interact with their patients, handle any problems, and analyze how they work with a team. All of these experiences could help prepare you for the varied responsibilities you could one day take on. Having the opportunity to hone your skills in a real-world setting while still going through a medical assistant program is an excellent way to expand your capabilities and make your resume shine.

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2. Your Training Could Expose You to Medical Assistant Job Duties

Being in a medical assistant program could help you become more knowledgeable in the varied skills employers look for in their employees. These are a few of the qualities/skills that Medical Assistants should possess such as:

  • Analytical skills – the ability to understand patient charts and code medical records correctly.
  • Detail-oriented – accuracy when recording patient information and taking vital signs such as blood pressure or heart rate.
  • Interpersonal skills – communicating clearly and calmly with colleagues and patients alike while remaining professional.
  • Technical skills – knowledgeable in the use of medical instruments to measure vital signs such as heart rate and blood pressure.¹

All of these skills could be expected of you by future employers and will be needed to be a capable Medical Assistant. Through your training program, you could practice and learn these skills, which could help you stand out! You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to sharpen and increase your current skills through a medical assistant training program.

3. Medical Assistant Certification Shows Employers You’re Qualified to Work in Healthcare

Becoming certified after successfully graduating from a medical assistant program is a huge stamp of approval on your resume. Employers may prefer to hire certified medical assistants who have completed an MA program and passed a certification exam.² Pursuing a medical assistant position as an already trained and certified individual is smart for a few reasons. For one, employers realize they could insert you into the day to day medical assistant job duties from the very beginning. Why? Having certification on your resume gives them confidence that you could handle important responsibilities.

Secondly, this could save them time because there could be less training needed since you would already be certified. Certification is an indicator to employers that you have diligently gone through the courses in a medical assistant program to obtain knowledge and skill. Becoming certified could also be beneficial because some states may require certification for you to work as a medical assistant. Earning your certification could help make you a well-rounded employee and Medical Assistant.

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Those who successfully graduate from our program will be eligible to take a national Medical Assistant certification exam. Dorsey Schools offers to pay the cost one time for graduates who desire to take the exam. This is dependent on the graduate meeting Dorsey Schools exam preparation requirements. So, what are you waiting for? Now is the time to take that leap forward and enroll in our medical assistant program at Dorsey Schools!

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