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The cosmetology field has plenty of different options and opportunities for those who wish to have a career in this industry of makeup, hairstyles, manicures and more. Special Effects Makeup | Dorsey Cosmetology With the Halloween season approaching, and what seems like a never-ending popping up of haunted house attractions on every corner in town, have you ever considered working at one of these places as a makeup artist? You could have the opportunity to apply makeup to live actors at a haunted house attraction, transforming them into some of the most frightening characters imaginable. The possibilities and creativity for makeup ideas are endless – and you can even change things up every night! From aliens to zombies, a great makeup artist can vastly alter an actor’s appearance.

Special Effects Makeup | Dorsey Cosmetology

Not everyone in beauty school plans to work in a traditional salon. There are many different cosmetology careers you can work towards – like a special effects artist, for example. A special effects makeup artist generally works in the entertainment industry, applying makeup and other cosmetic products for theatrical effect. Special effect artists have the responsibility and power of transforming a director’s idea or a script’s description of a character or backdrop and bring it to life for TV, movies, the stage and other venues. The use of wigs and many other tools can give you the ability, as a special effects makeup artist, to express yourself creatively in your work. Special effects makeup artists don’t only work for television and movies, but for cosmetic companies, special
effect companies, theme parks, costume companies, cruise ships, or even for events such as fashion shows.

If you feel you have what it takes to work in the creative field as a special effects makeup artist, consider turning your passion into your career by training at Dorsey School of Beauty. Dorsey School of Beauty programs are designed to take your interest in the beauty industry to the next professional level. Help people look their best while building a great career. The curriculum at Dorsey School of Beauty is a combination of “hands-on” practice in a fully functioning salon and classroom lectures. Realize your artistic dreams while maximizing your career training experience.Special Effects Makeup | Dorsey Cosmetology

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