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So you’re considering pursuing a career as an HVAC Technician:  congratulations! Before deciding for sure it’s important to know what is expected in order for you to become a HVAC Technician. Obviously, you want to receive the comprehensive training to ensure that you’ll be successful in the workplace, but you should also be aware of some of the duties of an HVAC Technician in order to be successful.  Below we’ve captured a list of 7 qualities that can be helpful for HVAC Technicians to possess.

HVAC Technician Training Program at Dorsey Schools

The HVAC Systems Technician training program at Dorsey Schools, offered at our Wayne campus, is designed to prepare students to pursue jobs working in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration industry.  The program introduces students to environmentally friendly techniques to be used in the field. It also provides students with the opportunity to challenge the EPA Section 608 Type 2 certification exam (which successfully passing this exam is usually required for employment in the field).

Training in the Dorsey Schools HVAC Systems Technician Program includes:

  • Fundamentals of HVAC
  • Electricity
  • Controls
  • Refrigeration
  • Residential Systems
  • Commercial Systems
  • Blueprinting, Weatherization, and Sustainability
  • System Design, Sizing, and Layout
  • EPA Standards
  • Systems Troubleshooting and Schematics
  • Industry Safety Standards
  • And more…!

To learn more about the HVAC Systems Technician Program at Dorsey Schools, please contact us by calling 888-422-1188, or click here.

Duties and Qualities of an HVAC Technician

  • Customer Service Skills – An HVAC Technician needs excellent customer service skills to be able to interact and communicate well with customers. They must be able to explain how systems work and what kinds of repairs are needed to those who may not be familiar with HVAC terms. Ideally they are patient and comfortable answering questions.
  • Troubleshooting Skills – It is very important that HVAC Technicians be skilled at both problem solving and troubleshooting. They must be able to diagnose problems and deduce the origins of issues in order to quickly resolve it when inspecting a system in need of repair.
  • Physical Strength and Stamina – A career as an HVAC technician is extremely hands-on and involves both heavy lifting and being on your feet for extended amounts of time. Anyone interested in pursuing this career must have strength and stamina to be able to keep up with the demands of the job.
  • Mechanical Skills – As previously mentioned an HVAC technician is responsible for repairing and maintaining equipment. To ensure that each job is done properly, it is necessary that an HVAC Technician be skilled and knowledgeable as a mechanic. These technical skills could mean the difference between generating return business or a poor professional reputation.
  • Detail Oriented (safety) – Staying organized is a large part of being successful as an HVAC technician. They must be able to maintain accurate records of each visit, the work that was performed, and any equipment that was used. It is also important to pay close attention to detail for safety reasons. Some of the systems and equipment that HVAC technicians work with can be dangerous if something goes wrong, by being detail oriented they are able to prevent accidents from occurring.
  • Communication Skills – HVAC Technicians must be able to communicate effectively both orally with customers, supervisors, and fellow staff, as well as in writing to prepare reports, instructions, and specifications. When doing an installation or repair job, building a good rapport with customers will ensure repeat business and build a good professional reputation.
  • Ability to work Independently Along with OthersWorking with others is an important skill to have no matter what field you are pursuing. As an HVAC Technician, you may work independently or with a team. HVAC Technicians must manage their time wisely and prioritize tasks to ensure that the job is done properly and on time.

Please Keep in mind that, while these skills are helpful to anyone considering a career as an HVAC Technician, not having some skills does not mean this career is not the choice for you. There are always opportunities to develop new skills and they can even be an area of focus for you during your training! Duties of an HVAC Technician vary from job to job, so it is important to remember that is the nature of the job. 

HVAC Systems Technician-Gainful Employment Disclosures

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