HVAC Technician – Super Hero of the Summer Season

How did the winter of late 2011 and early 2012 treat you? Not too bad, most likely. This current winter season (true, it’s not over yet), may become one of the mildest on record. Does this mean we may be in for a particularly hot summer? No one wants to project, but there is one constant regarding summer. Despite appearances, summer is not only vacation time for school kids, nor is it swimsuit time. Kids still get vacations – however short – during the holidays. And with indoor pools, one can relax with a swim at any time of the year. If a season can be tagged with a label, summer is first and foremost ‘air conditioning season’. Air conditioners are bought or repaired in record numbers in the summer, and the need for trained professionals to service them will indeed be in high demand.

This brings up another interesting topic about summer: movies; specifically, ‘super hero’ action movies. Do you notice how these big, splashy flicks always open in the summer? Last year, it was “Captain America”. This year, “The Avengers” will compete at the box office with Batman in “The Dark Knight Rises”. With this observation, let us take a moment to recognize another super-hero for the summer: the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (or HVAC for short) Technician. These unsung professionals have a lot to keep them busy, including fixing or installing an air conditioning system and ensuring that all systems are properly ventilated.

Studies predict that the demand for HVAC Technicians is expected to grow 34% by the year 2020. Dorsey Schools has recently implemented a training program in HVAC training. Students enrolled in this course will have the opportunity to learn the related fundamental skills of electricity, refrigeration, blueprinting and system designs for residences and commercial buildings. In conjunction with classwork, students will gain practical experience via externships in real work environments. Oh, and speaking of ‘environments’, Dorsey Schools also includes weatherization and sustainability in this curriculum to address environmentally-friendly practices.

So give Captain America, Iron Man, and the Caped Crusader a run for their money, and consider a career as an HVAC Technician. Once you have settled and established the air conditioning dilemma for a customer, you will indeed be a hero in their eyes. Let Dorsey Schools be the not-so-secret headquarters for your HVAC training!

Disclosure Information

  • What is the total cost of the HVAC Systems Technician program?
  • Tuition and fees for a student to complete the HVAC Systems Technician program within the normal time frame (as published in the school catalog) currently totals $13,500, which includes the cost of books and supplies. Total tuition may change based on a student’s decision to change programs, repeat classes, withdraw or interrupt training for any reason.  Total Tuition includes one-time EPA Universal certification examination fees and a basic tool kit, which are given to students in good academic and financial aid standing as specified in the enrollment agreement.  Also included in tuition is the graduate’s cap and gown.
  • What percentage of graduates completed their program within the normal time frame?
  • Data is not yet available for Dorsey’s HVAC Systems Technician program, as it is a newer program offering.
  • What percentage of graduates found employment related to their field of study?
  • Data is not yet available for Dorsey’s HVAC Systems Technician program, as it is a newer program offering.
  • How much student loan debt does a typical graduate have to repay after graduation?

Data is not yet available for Dorsey’s HVAC Systems Technician program, as it is a newer program offering.