Welcome to Summer Halftime. Then What?

Do you think you're cut out for training in the healthcare field?

The heat is on – literally (with record-breaking high temperatures), and figuratively (if you have not made a plan for your next move). Here is a mini-timetable (in paragraph form), courtesy of Dorsey Schools: we are now in the middle of the summer season. June came and went, the first half of July is gone, and will continue and go through to the end of August. Then things will cool down (we hope) with the arrival of fall. Time’s going by fast, isn’t it?

Welcome to Summer Halftime. Then What?

If you already have your post-summer plans set, congratulations, and best of luck. If you do not have anything lined up, now is the time to start researching, planning, and acting on your future. On Saturday, July 28th, each campus of Dorsey Schools is offering an Open House where questions will be answered and information will be given. If you have ever considered career training, but did not know which program to choose, take your pick from medical, culinary and hospitality, HVAC, dental, legal, computer, and cosmetology. This array of training possibilities is outmatched only by the campus locations, which comes to a total of nine throughout Michigan.

Oh, one tip for those who are leaning toward medical or cosmetology training: make it a point to check out the Dorsey School of Healthcare (the Lansing Campus) or the Dorsey School of Beauty (the Taylor Campus), both of which are the newest additions to this family of schools.

Are you interested in career training but not sure which course to take? Then let a visit to the Open House and a chat with a Dorsey representative help give you an idea. But don’t hesitate. If summer has gone by quick so far, July 28th will be here in no time. Reserve that Saturday, from 10 am to 2 pm. Act now. Pick up your phone and call 1-888-422-1188, or, if you’re still on this page and have no doubts, fill out this form. A Dorsey rep will reply back (and fast).