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how to become an esthetician in Michigan

Are you thinking about pursuing a career as an Esthetician?  If so, congratulations!  A career as an Esthetician can be very rewarding.  As you prepare to pursue your new career, there is one important step in the process that you must keep in mind.  That step is becoming licensed as an Esthetician.  Regulations and requirements to become licensed as an esthetician may vary from one state to another.  That means you will need to make sure you are looking up the guidelines for the state you want to practice in. If you clicked on this article you are probably planning on becoming a licensed esthetician in Michigan.

Unlike some other professions, estheticians require a license to practice, not necessarily a degree. This means you can become an esthetician a lot faster than an occupation that requires a degree. It also means you must sit through and pass an exam in order to obtain a license. This article will go over the steps to actually becoming a licensed esthetician in Michigan.

1. Enroll in an Esthetics Skin Care Training Program

Estheticians don’t need a college degree. However, you do need to obtain the proper training and pass a licensing exam. In order to pass the licensing exam, you must get professional training. The best way to get professional training is to attend a State-approved training program (in our case Michigan).  This will ensure you are receiving the training that your state has deemed appropriate and necessary for aspiring estheticians.

A job as an esthetician is extremely hands-on. So, it’s important to choose a training program that features lots of hands-on training, not just textbooks and mannequins, so you can practice the skills you wish to perform, once licensed.

You’ll also want to make sure the program teaches the ‘textbook knowledge’ of the profession. To pass the licensing exam, you’ll need both a solid grasp of factual information along with proficiency in performing skills.

By going to a state-approved Esthetics Skin Care Training Program you’ll get the training you need to pursue your profession. You can also gain the knowledge you need to pass your licensing exam.

2. Pursue Obtaining Your Esthetician License with the State

The steps to becoming an esthetician in the state of Michigan can be confusing. Here is a simple list of the basic steps to follow in order to pursue your esthetician license. You’ll want to have completed your Esthetics Skin Care Training Program before these steps.

  1. Pass the esthetician exam. You can schedule your exam here. Some schools may pay for your exam upon completing their program.
  2. Apply for the Esthetician  License. In Michigan that can be done here.
  3. Pay the application fee. The fee for application is $63.00 in Michigan.
  4. Congratulations, if your application is approved, you are on your ways towards becoming a licensed esthetician.

There are also some requirements you must meet prior to sitting for the exam and applying for a license. You must have:

  • Good moral character to serve the public
  • A social security number
  • Be over 17 years old
  • Have the educational equivalent of 9th grade
  • Completed at least 400 hours of training in a licensed school of cosmetology OR apprenticed for at least 6 months in a licensed cosmetology establishment where skin services are rendered
  • You must pass your exam to apply for your license

3. Begin Seeking Opportunities to Start Your Esthetician Career

After receiving your license, you can officially start job hunting for the start of your esthetician career. If you followed the steps and went to a state-approved Esthetics Skin Care Training Program, the school might have career services assistance available to program completers. Career Services can help you network as well as offer you tips as you begin your search. Networking while in school and staying in touch with instructors and classmates can also lead to job opportunities and careers.

Remember to be professional and confident about the skills you’ve learned while training. A positive, professional attitude can go a long way!

Esthetician training program | Dorsey College in Michigan

Dorsey College offers an esthetician program for those who wish to pursue a career in skin care. The esthetician program at Dorsey College includes the scientific knowledge, artistic principles, and hands-on practice needed to pursue a career as an Esthetician.  In addition, as licensure is required for employment by the State of Michigan, Dorsey College will pay the cost one time for graduates of this program to challenge the state licensure exam, contingent upon the graduate meeting Dorsey College’s exam preparation requirements.  Dorsey College has determined that its Esthetician program curriculum is sufficient to fulfill educational requirements for licensure in the State of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.

The Dorsey College Esthetician program is offered at the Madison Heights, MI campus (main campus).  To learn more, visit Dorsey College online today!

Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor, MI

Dorsey School of Beauty, located in Taylor, MI, is a sister school of Dorsey College.  Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor, MI is institutionally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts and Sciences (NACCAS).  To learn more about Dorsey School of Beauty in Taylor, MI you can click here.