5 Tips on What Makes a Good Nail Technician

What Makes a Good Nail Technician

What Makes a Good Nail Technician?

Have you always loved beauty but weren’t sure how you could make it a full-time career? Well, we have good news! We are to help you enter the beauty industry by exploring your love for nail art and helping you put a plan into action.

Embark on your creativity and passion for nail art by making it a full-time career to show off your talents at your clientele’s fingertips. What makes a good nail technician is one who believes in their art and takes the required steps to become licensed.

Explore how to get a Michigan Cosmetology License or Michigan Manicuring License and continue reading to see our five fabulous tips on making a good nail technician!  (Note:  In Michigan, in order to become a Nail Technician or Manicurist, one must obtain either a Cosmetology or Manicuring license.)

#1 Never Stop Learning and Growing

The most successful nail technicians are the ones who have a desire to learn. They

continuously grow and educate themselves on the latest trends to stay on track in their field.

Those who desire to enter the nail industry need to have a starting foundation to seek out business skills, techniques, and nail safety procedures to become educated and successful.

In this field, you never stop learning and growing. To be a nail professional, you need to be licensed. The first step is to enter a training program that will connect you to field experts. Once you enroll in the school and fulfill all coursework, the next step is to take the exam that can lead to licensure. Education and licensure are required for the nail industry so aspiring nail technicians can gain insightful knowledge of the field.

#2 Stay Innovative and Passionate About Your Craft

If you become a nail technician and don’t challenge yourself to the latest trends and limit yourself, you are not upping your game to be the best. Having passion means knowing there is always room to improve and learn from others. Self-reflecting and improving is a professional responsibility of a nail technician.

Growing your business and staying innovative and passionate about your craft can lead to more potential clientele. Every day makes a difference in your career; the more styles and trends you can perform, the more client interest you can reach and the more income you can potentially receive. Staying relevant is vital. Diversify your services and give excellent customer service to become known as a top nail professional through word of mouth.

#3 Maintain Excellent Customer Service

Excellent customer service should be a top priority of a nail technician. A client experience automatically begins when a client walks into a nail salon. The atmosphere, detail of a manicure or pedicure, and client interaction all come into play with excellent customer service.

A nail technician who receives excellent customer feedback is stamped and validated by their client’s positive experience.

Customers are valuable to your nail art business. They are walking muses that show your creative work. Clients need to believe in your vision to promote your business—clients who are happy network your brand well.

Overall, effective customer service increases customer retention, loyalty, and conversion, and it is a great way to build relationships with clients to keep them coming back. Listen to your client’s needs and preferences and show them you care by making their experience enjoyable and memorable. Customers who receive excellent care will not likely search for services elsewhere.

#4 Creativity Can Set You Apart

Creativity can set you apart as a nail technician. As a nail technician, you must be very creative and find joy in pursuing your artistic side. Once you gain confidence in displaying your creativity, clients will gravitate toward your faith and begin to have trust in your vision.

Make your clients excited to come in and see you; keep them on their toes with your design by keeping it fresh and new. You must use your creativity to set yourself apart. Be unique and stylish. Letting your style show can help you in this nail industry. After all, basic does not necessarily help you become known.

#5 Don’t Forget to Network and Build a Clientele

Networking is one of the most effective ways to grow a business. It is the exchange of information and ideas amongst people with a common interest.

Successful nail professionals participate in networking to gain information and techniques to create contacts with people who benefit from their business. Nail technicians can use social media platforms and word of mouth to display their nail art and skills to intrigue people to come into their salon/or visit a salon in their workplace.

As a nail tech, you must be friendly and easy to approach. Networking is an asset to your business, and it supports growth. Networking can be for new customers or professionals in your industry. Other nail technicians often need to form a team to meet high demand, whether through weddings, graduations, proms, etc. Networking your brand can bring business from coworkers or customer satisfaction.

Embark on Your Journey in Becoming A Licensed Nail Tech.

As you pursue your new career, you will want to select a manicurist school that helps you prepare to become licensed. That’s the goal of our Manicuring training program here at Dorsey College.

It’s essential to remember that states require manicurists and nail technicians to become licensed to pursue gainful employment in this field. That means you will want to select a state-approved training program. Dorsey College’s Manicuring training program has been determined to be sufficient to meet educational requirements for licensing requirements in the state of Michigan only. No educational determinations have been made for any other state, district or US territory in regards to licensure requirements.

Dorsey College also offers a Cosmetology training program for those who wish to not only learn how to do nails, but how to cut, style, and color hair as well.

Contact us today to get more valuable information on your new career as a nail technician!

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