Dorsey Schools Spotlight: Meet Ethel, A Student In Our Dental Assistant Program!

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Dorsey Schools Spotlight: Meet Ethel, A Student In Our Dental Assistant Program!

Today we would like to introduce you to Ethel.  She is a student at the Dorsey Schools Dearborn, MI campus training in the Dental Assistant program.

Dental Assistant Program

Ethel is well known at the Dearborn campus for her dedication and determination.  We caught up with Ms. Batts, Lead Instructor at the Dearborn, MI campus, who shared the following about Ethel, “She came to Dorsey with a purpose and has not waivered to date from her commitment.  Ms. Ethel is a true reflection of the word perseverance; she has been steady and persistent in her course of action.  Even when Ms. Ethel faced health challenges she held steadfast to the action at hand completing her courses.  Ms. Ethel is truly deserving of a spotlight.”  We also spoke with Ms. Pugh-Walker, Managing Director at the Dearborn, MI campus who also commented, “From Day one, Ms. Ethel has put her focus and commitment on her education. She has encountered some health challenges along the way, but she has never once complained or made an excuse. I continue to be impressed with her drive and dedication to herself and her family!”

Here’s a little more about Ethel:

Name:  Ethel A.

Dorsey Schools Campus:  Dearborn, MI

Program of Study:  Dental Assistant

What brought you to Dorsey?  Why did you decide to study at Dorsey?

“I just wanted to try something different and find a new career.”

How/why did you select your specific program of study at Dorsey?

“I feel when a person smiles they feel good about themselves.”

What is/has been the best part of your experience studying at Dorsey?

“The teachers and the staff and how they make you feel that you matter no matter your age or situation.”

What has been your favorite class in your program thus far?  Why has it been your favorite?

“DA102 and DA110 because of my teacher and my classmates.”

What advice might you give to someone sitting at home who is thinking about studying at Dorsey, but they are unsure if they can do this?

“Give it a try.  Start a new career.  It can change your life.”

What advice might you give to a friend or classmate currently studying at Dorsey who is struggling and thinking about giving up?

“You will always have something or someone trying to block you, the good news is they cannot stop you from succeeding, only your thoughts can.”

Congratulations, Ethel, we are very proud of all you have achieved thus far and we know this is just the beginning for you on your path to a new career!

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