Dorsey Schools 2017 Instructor of the Year Awards

Dorsey Schools 2017 Instructor of the Year Awards

Here at Dorsey Schools, we are extremely proud of the many talented and hardworking staff members who work with our students on a daily basis. As a way to give them a bit of the recognition they deserve, earlier this year, an awards ceremony was held to honor our most dedicated and influential instructors. One teacher from each campus was given the coveted title of “Teacher of the Year.”  Read more about the recipients below!

Dorsey Schools 2017 Instructor of the Year Awards

Dorsey Schools Dearborn Teacher of the Year:  Stephanie Caskey

Stephanie Caskey is extremely devoted to caring for Dorsey students. She is the leader of the Patient Care Technician program and plays a pivotal role in ensuring that her students are ready for the workforce.  In addition to preparing them clinically, she also prepares them for the Certification Exam.  Stephanie is always willing to lend a helping hand and by preparing clinical workshops for her students.  The Dearborn, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

Dorsey Schools Madison Heights Teacher of the Year:  Jennifer Perreault

As the main instructor of most of the first module Practical Nurse students, Jennifer Perreault sets the expectations for the students for the remainder of their program.  She sits on the Practical Nurse admissions interview panel, and has one of the leading roles in determining if Practical Nurse students are eligible for re-entry into the program.  She’s an integral part of the Practical Nurse instructional team and even works one-on-one to tutor students in need.  She works well under pressure, and never loses her infectious smile along the way.  The Madison Heights, MI campus is the Main Campus.

Dorsey Schools Roseville Teacher of the Year and Overall Teacher of the Year: Wendy Foster

Ms. Wendy Foster devotes her professional life to enriching the educational experience of Dorsey School of Beauty students. In doing so, she takes the time to make sure her instructional strategies are used to meet the needs of all the students. She strives to keep her students engaged daily through mentoring and tutoring during her lunch hour. In addition to this, Ms. Wendy also connects with the community by presenting information about Dorsey School of Beauty at public school career events and supporting community events designed for women that may need encouragement through beauty services. Wendy Foster exudes high energy and lots of enthusiasm as she reaches out to educate others.  The Roseville, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

Dorsey Schools Saginaw Teacher of the Year:  Emily Brooks

Emily has been an instructor with Dorsey Schools Saginaw since December 8 2010. Emily Brooks fills several distinct roles here at Dorsey, including instructor, Program Lead, Medical Coordinator and Medical Manager.  She also assists with other responsibilities, as well as serves as the lead BLS CPR, First Aid coordinator at Saginaw campus, Mentor/Coach to all instructors and leader of the student Ambassador program. In addition to her countless roles at Dorsey, Emily is also extremely involved in all aspects of Saginaw campus community outreach projects such as Habitat for Humanity, Underground Railroad, the Women’s Expo, Health Fairs and more. She is known for always having a smile on her face, and being dedicated to her students and staff alike.  The Saginaw, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

Dorsey Schools Southgate Teacher of the Year:  Lisa Niemiec

Lisa Niemiec is a Nurse and an Instructor for the Patient Care Technician program and the clinical classes for Medical Assistant. She is very dedicated to her craft and cares deeply for her students. The quality of the knowledge that she imparts upon her students, her attention to their understanding of that knowledge and the standard to which she holds her students to; are elements that make Lisa stand out as an instructor to both her students and her co-workers at Dorsey Schools Southgate.  The Southgate, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

Dorsey School of Beauty Taylor Teacher of the Year:  Carolyn Hall-Reese

Carolyn Hall-Reese has been one the biggest catalyst for transforming the culture on the clinic floor.  She is known for her strong yet compassionate manner, and her dedication to helping the students excel in their field.  The Taylor, MI campus is accredited by NACCAS and is a Main Campus.

Dorsey Schools Waterford-Pontiac Teacher of the Year:  Jeanice Blake

Jeanice Blake is beloved and highly respected by her students, many of whom turn to her for help and advice. She is dedicated to Dorsey Schools and her students. She is professional at all times and is always willing to help her fellow faculty members.  The Waterford-Pontiac, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

 Dorsey Schools Wayne Teacher of the Year:  Charmainne Jones

Charmainne Jones has worked at Dorsey Schools for eight years and during her time at Dorsey Schools, she has worked in many roles here at the Wayne campus.   She is currently an instructor and Student Ambassador Coordinator. As a student ambassador coordinator, she works closely with the students and they know they can come to her in a time of need. She is a true team player and her commitment to helping our students succeed is displayed in her everyday work.  The Wayne, MI campus is a branch campus of Madison Heights.

In summary: As a whole, Dorsey Schools has many amazing instructors that dedicate themselves to the education and betterment of their students.   We are so very proud of each and every one of our instructors here at Dorsey Schools!

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