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Where can medical assistants work?
A medical assistant can work in a variety of places in the healthcare field. That’s because the work they do is vital to keeping things organized and operating. They help a variety of patients and their colleagues every day. Before we get to where medical assistants can work, let’s start... Read more
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Patient Care Technician Vs Medical Assistant
Have you got your heart set on starting a new career in the field of healthcare? Perhaps you’ve narrowed your search between becoming a patient care technician (PCT) or a medical assistant (MA). Both jobs share many similarities… and you’re probably wondering how a patient care technician vs medical assistant... Read more
Medical Admin and Billing | Medical Billing Schools
5 Qualities of a Medical Office Assistant
There’s no denying it, medical office assistants are often the glue that keeps so many medical centers and clinical facilities operating seamlessly. As essential healthcare staff members, the exceptional qualities of a medical office assistant are on display from the moment a patient walks through the doors. Sure, the responsibilities... Read more
cma vs lpn
CMA VS LPN | What’s the difference?
Have you ever wondered how similar the role of a certified medical assistant (CMA) and a licensed practical nurse (LPN) might be? Are you actively seeking to join the healthcare profession and curious about the difference between a CMA vs LPN? Don’t worry; you’re not alone… Join us as we... Read more
what does a medical assistant do
What Does a Medical Assistant Do?
Whether you’re just starting your career or considering changing your existing profession, why not consider joining the medical field as a medical assistant? You may be wondering though, what does a medical assistant do exactly? Typically found on the frontlines of a doctor’s office or clinic, medical assistants work directly... Read more
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What You Could Expect in Medical Assistant Training
If you want to pursue a rewarding entry-level healthcare career, consider becoming a medical assistant. Medical assistants have opportunities daily to help people and make a difference. Medical Assistant training is typically a requirement to work in this occupation. Researching programs and selecting the right school is essential. Pursuing this... Read more
How Do I Become Qualified for Entry-Level Medical Assistant Jobs
Medical Assistant Qualities You Should Have
A medical assistant is a multi-skilled professional who works to support the day-to-day operations of various medical facilities. Medical assistants are a vital part of the healthcare team, and they play a crucial role in providing high-quality patient care.  In order to pursue this career, you will want to receive... Read more