Art & Apples Festival

The 49th annual “Art & Apples Festival” was held September 5th, 6th and 7th. The event was hosted by the Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester Park. The 30-acre venue featured nearly 300 exhibiting artists from 33 different states and Canada. The festival is considered to be one of the nation’s top fine art fairs in America by “Sunshine Artist” Magazine. Every year, the “Art & Apples Festival” helps promote, encourage, and create more opportunities for people in the Michigan region to appreciate and participate in the arts. About 200,000 visitors came out to the festival this year to see and listen to many talented artists, as well as enjoy delicious local foods and family activities.

The festival certainly did not forget to boast about the second half of its name – apples! Attendees enjoyed all the cider, doughnuts, and apple pie that one could imagine. One of the major highlights from the “Art & Apples Festival” was the apple baking contest (where the search was on for the most creative and inventive bakers in Michigan who used apples as the main ingredient), and an apple pie contest. Contestants showed off their culinary skills by baking their best apple-themed desserts.

There are too many varieties of apples to list. But what really makes an apple great for your baking recipes? The best apples to bake with normally have a good sweet and tart balance, and their flesh won’t break down as they are cooked. Many of the desserts that were featured in this weekend’s contests mixed both tart apples and more firm baking apples – which offer great texture and (of course) complex flavors to the dishes.

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