5 Awesome Baking Hacks for Busy Schedules (and Effective Baking!)

baking hacks

Welcome to Baking Hacks! In today’s blog, we are breaking down some useful baking hacks for busy schedules and for effective baking. Check them out below.

Do you like to bake, but you are just so busy with work and family that you cannot seem to make the time for it? Don’t worry, we’ve been there and it’s completely understandable, baking is not always easy work. While it can be a fun and rewarding pastime or career, it also has its complicated and time consuming moments. From prepping and mixing to serving, everyone could use a little help in the kitchen every now and then. In order to bring some of the enjoyment back into baking, we have come up with 5 awesome hacks that you should try at home.

  1. Decorate baked goods with a Plastic Re-sealable Food Storage bag – You have seen those elegantly daunting pastries in bakery windows. You can recreate them in your own home. Yes, you really can! All you need are some baked goods, some frosting and a dream. Don’t have a piping bag? No worries, use a re-sealable food storage bag or a plastic re-sealable freezer bag instead. Just put your icing in the bag, snip off a corner or put a piping tip in, and create your delicious masterpiece.
  2. Always use parchment paper to line pans – Instead of using a greasy nonstick spray, use parchment sheets to line trays and pans before baking. Not only does this help prevent burnt cookies and cakes getting stuck in pans, it also means easy clean-up. After you make your item, just throw the parchment paper in the trash. You likely won’t even have to wash your pan.
  3. Speed up the ripening process – If you have ever had a craving for fresh banana bread, then you understand the struggle of only having overripe (yellow) bananas straight from the grocery store. But this hack will turn that struggle into a triumph because it takes the days of waiting out of the equation. Putting bananas in the oven for 40 minutes at 300 degrees F will take them from bright yellow to brown and mushy (and ready for recipes).baking hacks for bread
  4.  Use a slice of bread to keep things moist – Unbelievably, bread seems to be the solution to preventing dried out foods. Yes, you read that correctly, bread. Placing a slice of bread on top of a cake until you are ready to frost it prevents the cake from getting stale or dry. Placing a slice of bread inside of a brown sugar container keeps the sugar soft and pliable instead of lumpy and hard. This can be a lifesaver! What is worse than going to use the brown sugar and finding it a lumpy hard mess? The best part of it all: the bread does not even get moldy. It is always a good policy to wrap and seal things tightly to maintain their freshness as well.
  5. Use an ice cream scoop to get perfect portions – Get perfectly even cupcakes or cookies every time by using an ice cream scoop sprayed with cooking spray. Making all of your portions the same size will ensure that everything is cooked through evenly. And the best part is, the ice cream scoops come in different sizes to meet your various sweet tooth needs.

We hope these baking hacks help bring the spark back to your kitchen (not literally). Use these baking tips and shortcuts to create dozens of delightful treats. Happy Baking.

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