2014 Cosmetology Trends

Beyonce’s surprise “visual album” this past December had even the most fashion-forward folks ringing out 2013 singing the lines “I woke up like this” with a fierce edge and relaxed attitude. So it’s no surprise then that 2014’s upcoming look echoes the naturally-flawless-and-proud theme that makes Beyonce’s latest work so empowering. Cosmetology students and graduates of the Dorsey School of Beauty recognize that it’s possible to stay chic (while giving off the impression that you woke up polished).

How do runway makeup artists have their models looking that good (or that “bare”)? The must-have foundation brand for backstage, JP McCarey, markets its product as “makeup that has the quality of fresh skin – dewy, fresh, and elastic with a glow.” The beauty of these products is that when wearing they appear light, while there is no need to use extra foundation after application.

If you’re looking for a low maintenance way to polish up, follow Jennifer Lawrence’s lead and go for a dramatic cut the next time you’re at the salon. It’s true – the pixie cut is back. Time to head to the Dorsey School of Beauty Salon and chop it all off!

Whether you take the pixie-plunge or simply reinvent your look with different makeup, the recurring cosmetology trend this season is to “be bold.”

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