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Why Enroll in Culinary Arts School in Michigan

Why Enroll in Culinary Arts School in Michigan

With the New Year just around the corner, have you been thinking about your future?  Perhaps you have been thinking about making a career change and doing something you love, like cooking.  If this sounds like you, it may be natural to also think about how you are going to pursue your new career.  For some, they will choose to go to school to obtain a culinary education and learn cooking skills.  It’s natural to wonder though, “why enroll in culinary arts school in Michigan?”  We are answering that question here today!  Below we share three reasons why someone should enroll in a culinary arts school in Michigan.  Read on to learn more!

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Pursue Your Passion for Cooking 

Many choose to enroll in culinary arts school in Michigan to pursue their passion for cooking.  It goes without saying that by enrolling in culinary school you could be doing what you love, but there is more to it than just that.  When you enroll in culinary arts school in Michigan, you could have a variety of opportunities at your disposal.  For example, you could be exposed to various aspects of the culinary field, such as baking and pastry arts.  You could also learn more about specialty topics such as butchering, nutrition, healthy cooking, and how to prepare various regional and international cuisines.  In addition, those who enroll in a culinary arts school in Michigan may have the opportunity to use locally sourced ingredients in the dishes they create.  The culinary industry offers a wide variety of possibilities.  For someone just starting out, they may not even be aware of many of them.  By choosing to enroll in culinary arts school in Michigan, you could not only pursue your passion for cooking but also learn a great deal more about the industry, which can help you as you pursue your new culinary career.

Develop Cooking Skills through Hands On Experience

In many ways, cooking can be thought of as an applied science.  After all, precision is important when it comes to preparing and cooking various dishes.  As a result, many choose to enroll in a culinary arts school in Michigan to develop their cooking skills through hands on experience.  For those who may already have some experience, they can attend a culinary arts school to hone their skills.  One of the advantages of pursuing a culinary education is the fact that you can have the ‘real world’ opportunity of working in a professional kitchen.  In this type of environment, students learn about various ingredients, skills, and how to create delicious dishes from scratch.  A culinary arts school can help students develop a variety of cooking skills.  This may include various cooking methods, the importance of culinary fundamentals, and the essentials of proper plating.  When someone chooses to attend a culinary arts school in Michigan, they are able to use the hands on experience they receive to develop and hone their cooking skills before launching their culinary career.

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A Culinary Education Could Help You Launch Your Culinary Career

Speaking of launching your culinary career, when you attend a culinary arts school, the culinary education you receive could help you launch your new career.  Some culinary arts schools offer an externship.  This provides students with an opportunity to apply what they have learned during their culinary education in a real world culinary setting.  The externship not only provides for a great learning experience, but it also gives students professional exposure as well.  Some students also use it as another opportunity to think about various career paths in the culinary industry.  Use your externship as an opportunity to ‘shine’ and showcase your skills.  Culinary arts programs may also offer career services assistance to program completers.  Others may also offer students the opportunity to obtain certifications, either as part of the program or after they complete the program.  The culinary industry is one that places value on professional development, so obtaining certifications can certainly help you both as you prepare to pursue your culinary career as well as in the future.  Making the most of your culinary education and all it has to offer can help you launch your culinary career.  After all, isn’t that why you chose to enroll in a culinary arts school in the first place?

Looking for Culinary Arts Program in Michigan?  Consider Dorsey College

If you are ready to attend culinary arts school to begin pursuing your new career in the food service industry, Dorsey College can help you get on your way.  Dorsey College offers a Culinary Arts training program for those who wish to take their talents in the kitchen to the next professional level.  The Culinary Arts program is designed to be completed in just one year and it includes an externship, which is designed to allow students to apply the knowledge and skills they have learned throughout their program in a real world occupational setting.  The chef instructors at Dorsey College are ready to help you pursue your passion for creating delicious dishes and memorable meals!

The Dorsey College Culinary Arts program is proud to have achieved programmatic accreditation through the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s (ACFEF) Accrediting Commission.  Students have a variety of benefits from attending an ACFEF accredited program.  Some of these include the opportunity to become active members of the American Culinary Federation (ACF) as a Student Culinarian.  In addition, ACF student members are eligible to receive an ACF designation of Certified Culinarian after graduation and completing one year of full-time employment in the culinary field.

Dorsey College also provides students with the opportunity to earn two certifications during the Culinary Arts program.  Professional certifications can enhance the prospect of ultimately securing and maintaining rewarding employment.  As part of the curriculum in CA101, students will take the National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe certification test.  As part of the curriculum in CA104, students will take the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation’s (NRAEF) Nutrition certification test. Dorsey College, however, makes no promise or guarantee of a graduate’s successful outcome of any certification examination or ability to gain certification or recognition by any professional registry.