Three Reasons to Pursue Career Training in Allied Health

A career in healthcare can be one of the most satisfying jobs an individual can pursue. Although a career in allied health / healthcare does not always require certification, achieving this status can certainly boost your chances for opportunities and for your career. Dorsey Schools’ allied health career training programs (which includes Medical Assistant, Medical Administration and Billing, Dental Assistant, Dialysis Patient Care Technician, Massage Therapy and Patient Care Technician) offer a one-time fee to sit for a certification examination (as selected by Dorsey Schools) after graduation. Here are a few more reasons to pursue certification in the allied health field:

  1. The Potential To Earn More Money
    Adding certification to your resume can reflect in the compensation of these expanded credentials. According to, the difference between a registered or certified dental assistant and one without such a designation is about $2 an hour (which adds up to about an extra $4,000 per year).
  1. Be Qualified for Jobs With Employers That Set High Standards
    Through our medical training programs, you will be exposed to a unique combination of specialized skills both inside and outside the classroom, that are required from organizations (such as local hospitals, physicians’ offices, clinics or other health care facilities) that hold the highest professional standards. As a student of Dorsey Schools, you will have the opportunity to gain experience through an externship or clinic experience, which provides hands-on industry experience, helping to develop confidence in your skills and abilities in your chosen field.
  1. Pop Out From the Long List of Applicants
    Gaining a credential upon graduation from Dorsey Schools (such as earning your certification in Medical Assisting) can give you a competitive advantage that is needed in the demanding allied health job market. At this point in time, certification is almost necessary (even for positions that do not necessarily require certification).

The opportunity for a rewarding career in the medical field begins here at Dorsey Schools. For 80 years, students of Dorsey Schools have become an important part of the medical team for employers here in Michigan. Train with industry-current billing, practice management and electronic health records software programs commonly used in physician practices, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Experience the medical lab environment available on-campus at Dorsey Schools, as well as an off-campus externship or clinic experience, to give you hands-on industry experience where you can develop the confidence, skills, and abilities needed for an entry-level position. If you wish to learn more about any of the medical career training opportunities offered at Dorsey Schools, please call 888-422-1188 or request more information here.

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