The next bite: Food Festivals

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Over the past few months, Dorsey Schools has noticed a huge growth in the number of trends that have taken over the culinary industry. Whether there are new flavors that seem to show up everywhere (such as Sriracha sauce or salted caramel), new styles of cooking (such as steaming and smoking), or new lifestyle diets (such as Paleo or cutting back on refined sugars), you can be sure that people are excited about taking part in at least one of these trends. What’s even better is that this excitement over food has made it not only a necessity for survival, but a fun, trendy and sometimes artsy way to sustain life!

The next bite: Food Festivals

As a result of all of this excitement over food and the influx in the number of self-proclaimed “foodies,” food festivals are popping up all over the place! (This is especially true in Michigan.) Many of these food festivals celebrate a single dish (Paczki Day in Hamtramck on March 4th and Grand Haven’s Grand Pizza Event on March 22nd) a certain type of cuisine, a certain ingredient, or a certain animal (Lansing’s Deer & Turkey Spectacular, from March 7th to March 9th). There are also some other great food festivals that are taking place in our great State of Michigan throughout the year.

With the hype around food (and food trends) growing each day, it has never been a better time to train in the culinary arts. Dorsey Culinary Academy’s program will give you the hands-on experience you need to succeed in the field. Check out our Culinary Arts training program for more information on how you can take part in the (or start your own) food revolution!

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