Hundreds of Students Graduate from Dorsey Schools

Tom Brokaw once said, “You are educated. You may think of it as the ticket to the good life. Let me ask you to think of an alternative. Think of it as your ticket to change the world.”

Students and their families, faculty, administrators, and staff from all ten of the campuses of Dorsey Schools gathered in Pontiac, Michigan on October 25, 2013, to celebrate one of the most treasured gifts one can receive – an education. This semiannual ceremony took place at the Ultimate Soccer Arenas, a facility unique in size; it is the largest indoor soccer and lacrosse arena in the United States.

The ceremony began with opening remarks from Patricia Fischer, President, and CEO of Dorsey Schools. Ms. Fischer acknowledged the dedication and effort exhibited by Dorsey students. “You could have quit, and quitting would have been easy, but you didn’t do that. You persevered, you stuck with it. You took all the tests, all the quizzes, and all the examinations, and for that, you’re here tonight and we salute your success as Dorsey students,” she said.

Earthel Parker, a motivational speaker, continued addressing graduates by inspiring them to “shock the world.” You could say this was the overall tone and message of the ceremony – motivational.

Graduates from each campus were then individually acknowledged as they walked across the stage and were presented with a certificate for their achievements. Students were also presented with a rose and asked to give that rose to someone who has helped them achieve success. Traditionally, this flower symbolizes love, but its beauty also expresses hope, and new beginnings – apt for these new Dorsey graduates.

Students with a cumulative grade point average of the top 20% of graduates (by campus) were acknowledged for their outstanding academic achievement and received a gold tassel on their caps. Exceptions to this were the culinary students, who had achievement pins placed on their lapels.

Now that they have acquired the aforementioned “ticket,” these Dorsey graduates are fully able to pursue their passions in a professional setting. And if students need help navigating their careers along the way, qualifying graduates are eligible to receive employment assistance provided by the career school at no additional cost. Patricia Fischer reaffirmed Dorsey’s career services, by stating, “Our caring for you as a Dorsey graduate goes beyond this graduation tonight, so we wish you good luck and much success as you move forward in the future.”

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