Practical Nurse Students at Dorsey Schools Give Back

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Students at Dorsey Schools are always looking for ways to give back in their local communities.  Students in our Practical Nurse program in Madison Heights, MI are no different!  Our Madison Heights campus (Main Campus) recently entered into an affiliation agreement with Matrix Headstart in Wayne County.  This partnership will allow Dorsey Schools Practical Nurse students to provide care to those in the Matrix parent/child programs.

Practical Nurse Students at Dorsey Schools Give Back

Students will work closely with their instructors as well as Matrix staff to offer care to children and their parents.  This newly formed partnership allows Dorsey Schools’ students the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills in a hands-on environment while reinforcing Dorsey Schools’ mission of giving back to local communities.

There are a variety of services that will be offered as part of this program.  Some of these services include health screenings as well as health promotion teaching.  Parent classes, as well as various classroom presentations, will also be offered.  These presentations will cover topics such as gun safety, stranger danger, as well as car, bike, and water safety.  Demonstrations on how to create healthy meals and info on nutrition will also be covered.  Students will also be exposed to postpartum care as well as skills such as CPR, using an epipen and inhalers, and how to identify the infectious illness.

All of us here at Dorsey Schools are very proud of our Practical Nurse students for their commitment to this program and the local community.  We look forward to working with Matrix to help provide necessary health and wellness information to our local community!

To learn more about the Practical Nurse Program at Dorsey Schools, call 888-422-1188 or contact us.


Reviewed and edited 12/6/17