New Year’s Resolution for 2012 | Giving Yourself the Gift of Education

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve? If the thought of beginning career training in an exciting new field has crossed your mind, make that resolution now. Dorsey Schools may well be your answer to receiving the career education of your choice, and since classes are beginning in January, act now.

Two concerns that may be holding you back are money for tuition and the time it will take to attend school. But here are some things to consider…

It is true that paying for an education is costly. Procrastinating is costing you more money. By this time next year, tuition costs will only rise, so why wait? And to answer the money question with a question: are you aware of the financial aid offerings at Dorsey Schools? Yes, there are a number of scholarships, grants and loan programs that you may be qualified to apply for. But remember – act now.

So, now there is the question of time. What part of the day can you take classes? The answer is that with morning, afternoon and evening classes available at Dorsey, the time frame is yours for the choosing. But remember – act now. Here’s why. If you begin your career training in January for a 12-month education (that’s right, that’s as long – or short – amount of time that is required), you can graduate in December and be available for work at the beginning of a new year when employers are hiring.

There are only two things in this world that can’t be taken from you – who you are and what you’ve learned. Dorsey schools can provide you with the opportunity to improve both. With career training programs offered at Dorsey’s medical training school, culinary/hospitality school, HVAC training school, dental assisting school, legal school, computer training school, and even Dorsey’s very own School of Beauty, the range of possibilities is great indeed.

So now imagine what you are doing next New Year’s Eve? Maybe it will be the eve of a great new beginning in a great new career.

Affordable education, flexible class schedules, and a variety of career training programs – all at Dorsey Schools. But remember – act…oh, you already know!