Is Pharmacy Technician The Right Career Option For Me?

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As of October 1, 2015, licensure as a pharmacy technician will be a requirement for employment in this field in the State of Michigan. Working as a pharmacy technician requires a lot of attention to detail, as these professionals ensure that medications are filled precisely and correctly in a specified window of time. The pharmaceutical world is a constantly changing one, which can be a challenging aspect of working as a pharmacy technician.

Is Pharmacy Technician The Right Career Option For Me?

This is also considered a top health care jobs out there by many because it has some attractive benefits, affordable training, and flexible schedules. If you are considering a career in health care, a job as a pharmacy technician may be the perfect fit for you.

A Top Health Care Job

Pharmacy technician is one of the best health care jobs of 2015, according to a list in the U.S. News & World Report. With the aging baby boomer population (which will require more medication and the release of new prescription drugs), there is a growing need for pharmaceutical professionals who are capable of filling prescription medications quickly and efficiently across the U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 20% increase in job growth from 2012-2022 for pharmacy technicians, which is much faster than average. In 2012, the median pay for pharmacy technicians in the US was $29,320.

What Do Pharmacy Technicians Do?

Pharmacy technicians can work in a variety of different settings that include pharmacies in clinics, hospitals, grocery stores, and online pharmacies. Under licensed pharmacist supervision, pharmacy technicians will measure, mix, count, label, and record the amounts and dosages of medication for prescription orders. Pharmacy technicians also work with customers, maintain patient profiles and provide additional information to patients and other healthcare professionals.

Job Flexibility

Working as a pharmacy technician can allow for flexibility, as not all of these professionals work at clinics or hospitals. Pharmacy technicians are also employed at a number of chain locations such as CVS, Walgreens, and Target, to name just a few. Working as a pharmacy technician can also be a perfect opportunity if you are looking for upward mobility with the possibility of advancing your career in health care. You can gain experience and determine which potential career path in health care you are interested in.

How Do I Get Started As A Pharmacy Technician?

The Dorsey Schools Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program is designed to prepare students with the skills and knowledge that are necessary to obtain an entry-level position as a pharmacy technician. Students participate in an externship where they have the opportunity to gain industry experience and gain professional experience. Graduates of this program are eligible to challenge a national Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam. As of October 1, 2015, licensure as a pharmacy technician is required in the State of Michigan for employment in this field.

The Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program is offered at the following Dorsey Schools campus locations:

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