Dorsey Schools Spotlight: Meet Ms. Traub, An Instructor From Our Practical Nurse Program!

Ms Traub an Instrutor In Our Practical Nurse Program At Dorsey Schools 1

Welcome to this edition of Spotlight!  We will feature Dorsey Schools’ students, graduates, staff members, and others here from time to time to highlight their hard work and achievements.

Today we would like to introduce you to Ms. Traub, an instructor from our Practical Nurse program at the Madison Heights, MI campus.  Vince DeRita, Managing Director, Madison Heights campus, stated: “Ms. Traub has proven to be an excellent instructor who consistently gives her heart and soul to her students and is dedicated to not only the profession of nursing but also to her profession as an instructor.  I believe that because of her continuous dedication to the nursing program, her students will be some of the finest new nurses that we will see in practice today.”

Dorsey Schools Spotlight: Meet Ms. Traub, An Instructor From Our Practical Nurse Program!

Name:  Ms. Stacey Traub, RN

Dorsey Schools Campus:  Madison Heights, MI

Dorsey Schools Program in Which You Currently Teach:  Practical Nurse

Joined Dorsey Schools Staff:  2015

In her own words: 

“I enjoy this group of students. They surprised me with their ability and commitment to learn this difficult [nursing] material. I’ve seen many changes with this group of students in the year that I’ve been teaching here. My philosophy with the students is, “I’m going to give you all my respect, and I expect that respect from you.”

Why do you love to teach?

“I love to teach because I know how hard it is. I like to bring the practical part to the students. I feel a real sense of accomplishment when I see something “click” for the students.”

What advice might you give to prospective Dorsey student thinking about training for a career in this field?

“It’s a lot of work to get through the program but the benefits you will receive at the end far out-weigh that work.”

What is your favorite class to teach at Dorsey and why? 

“My favorite class is med-surg (NUR111). My background is in cardiac and I like to use my nursing career experience from the hospital to enlighten students about what it’s like.”

Congratulations, Ms. Traub, and THANK YOU for all you do on a daily basis for each and every one of your students – you are greatly appreciated!

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