HVAC Training School | It’s Time to Turn on Your Air Conditioner

HVAC Technician Duties and Responsibilities 1

After a long and dreary winter, the weather here in Michigan is finally starting to shape up! The last dregs of snow have melted and we’re even starting to hear the birds chirping overhead. In fact, temperatures throughout the state have been steadily increasing, and are projected to reach a lovely high of 85 degrees Fahrenheit by May 31st.

In the HVAC Training Program at Dorsey Schools, students study maintenance, inspection, troubleshooting and the repair of related equipment. In this comprehensive program – which provides students the opportunity to learn through both class work as well as an externship – they gain firsthand knowledge of the practicalities and technicalities of HVAC systems.

Furthermore, if you’re looking for a lucrative career in HVAC, Dorsey’s proven curriculum is the perfect way to learn the fundamentals and techniques required to pass your EPA Universal Certification. The program teaches basic workplace skills as well as everything you need to know about electricity, refrigeration, residential and commercial systems, blueprinting, system design, and environmentally-friendly weatherization.

Whether the weather is mild, humid, or scorching hot, it’s never too early to check your AC and ensure that you’ll be staying cool in the months ahead.