What do you learn in culinary school?
What Do You Learn in Culinary School?
Do you possess a creative flair for food and enjoy making meals for others? Can you be found binge-watching cooking shows or are you naturally drawn to the food network channels? Then why not put that passion into practice and sharpen up those cooking skills today! If you’re wondering, “what... Read more
Cooking in A Commerical Kitchen
The Dangers of Being Careless in the Kitchen
Boiling water, open flames, and sharp knives are all traditionally a part of a professionally trained culinarian’s kitchen. What could possibly go wrong? Kitchen mistakes happen, even to the best chefs and their kitchen staff. Common kitchen mistakes are often the result of carelessness – especially if you’re new to... Read more
Pot of Water Boiling on Stove - Dorsey Culinary Academy
How To Make Fewer Cooking Mistakes
How To Make Fewer Cooking Mistakes… The culinary world is full of excitement. As a cook, you are eager to try new recipes and to perfect standard dishes. The culinary world is also full of cooking mistakes. Of course, we know you can learn from your mistakes as well! Dorsey... Read more