Career Prescription: Pharmacy Technician

As a new school year is about to commence, let Dorsey Schools suggest the change for a new beginning to those who are career-hunting. For this post, we give a shout out to one profession that does not get the recognition and coverage as it deserves. As a result, this may be one option that has never occurred to those looking for a career goal. You have no doubt seen one or two TV dramas about life in the ER, but what of some true unsung heroes of the medical field – the pharmacy technicians?

Career Prescription: Pharmacy Technician

If you are detail-oriented, have a knack for precision and concentration, and are able to maintain a level-head at all times, you already have the natural strengths required of a pharmacy technician. An interest in the medical field would certainly be in your favor, and here is something you may not be aware of– training in the Pharmacy Technician program at Dorsey Schools may be completed in less than one year.

Classroom sessions that cover everything from the language of medicine to the potency and side-effects of medications are only one part of this course. Students are required to complete an externship in an ambulatory pharmacy setting, supervised by a professional pharmacist and his/her staff, solidifying what there is to learn in the Pharmacy Technician program. Successful completion of this course qualifies the student to complete a national certification exam.

So, does a career in pharmacy read like an option to consider? If “yes,” then be prepared for the more good news. The job title of Pharmacy Technician is reported to have a particularly bright outlook, according to O*  So don’t wait. Remember, a new school year is just around the corner.

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Consider becoming a Pharmacy Technician. It may be your prescription to career success!

There is a very bright outlook.