Beautician’s Day 2016

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Beautician’s Day is June 26, 2016. It is a day set aside each year to celebrate all of the amazing beauticians that make us look and feel more beautiful (and handsome) through their cosmetology work and beauty treatments, which include hair styling, skin care, cosmetics, manicures, and pedicures.

Summer is heating up, and as our way of celebrating and recognizing talented cosmetologists and beauticians, we have rounded up a few tips and techniques to keep you looking your best while you soak up some sun, to hopefully give them a well-deserved rest.  We’ve got some hair, skin, and nail care tips for you from some of the skilled Cosmetology instructors, here at Dorsey School of Beauty.

Hair, Nail, and Skin Care Tips from Dorsey School of Beauty

Skin Care TipsBeauticians Day 2016 | Dorsey Schools of Michigan

Summer is approaching and that means that people will be spending more and more time outdoors to enjoy the warm weather. In order to make sure that you’re keeping your skin healthy and hydrated, we recently spoke with Ms. Michelle Lowden, the Lead Cosmetology Instructor at Dorsey School of Beauty in Lansing, MI. She had a few key pieces of advice that will allow you to keep your skin looking great and feeling better.

  • Always be conscious about what you put into your body

Good skin care begins with what we put into our bodies. A properly balanced diet with plenty of water will help to nourish and hydrate the skin. Water helps breakdown the toxins within us that may cause dry skin and acne.

  • Facials are a great way to invigorate the skin

Treating yourself to a facial every now and then can improve your complexion and create a more youthful appearance. This is because facials and other treatments help bring nutrients to the skins underlying layers and reduce pore visibility through massaging manipulations.

  • Exfoliate and keep your skin hydrated

Because your skin cells shed at an amazing rBeauticians Day 2016 | Dorsey Schools of Michiganate it is extremely important to exfoliate 2-3 times a week; No matter how much lotion you use, you’re never going to have glowing skin if you don’t. This can be done in the shower by gently rubbing your exfoliator in circular motions on your entire body. Be sure to apply moisturizer immediately after to keep your skin soft.

Nail Care Tips

Seeing as it is summer – a time when a lot of people like to express themselves and accessorize with an extra pop of color – many people like to paint their nails. In order to provide you with some useful tips about making polish color pop and last, we recently sat down with Ms. Annette Farr, a Cosmetology Instructor at Dorsey School of Beauty in Madison Heights, MI. Here’s some of the helpful advice she had for us:


Helping your polish last

  • Rub nail polish remover on your nails even if they don’t have polish on them—this removes all oils which prevent polish from adhering properly and can prevent chipping—extra oils can sabotage a good manicure/pedicure.
  • Base coat is everything! It is best to use a rubberized base coat. Apply 2 coats of base coat to help polish last longer
  • Multiple thin coats of colored polish is far better that one thick coat. One think coat leaves your manicure/pedicure vulnerable to smudges because it takes too long to dry
  • Don’t wait too long to apply top coat. Top coat works better if it adheres to a sticky polish layer—Don’t forget to run the brush along the free edge at the tip of the nail—this will seal in the color and prevent chipping
  • Proper drying time is a must!!! Allow for this to help prevent cracking, chipping and smudging and overall longevity of your manicure/pedicure. Nail polish in any form is a lacquer and requires an ample amount of time to completely dry—a minimum of 30 minutes. Humidity can play a key role in drying time. If it is humid, plan on doubling your drying time.


Helping with color

  • If you’re going to a salon, don’t forget to take your own polish so IF your polish does chip you’ll have it handy for any quick repairs before you head to the beach
  • If you really want your polish to last, avoid matte polishes and top coats. Most matte polishes tend to chip faster than crème versions
  • Help make nail art or vibrant and neon summer colors pop—use a white polish as a light layer under the desired bright colo

Hair Care Tips

Swimming and hitting the beach are extremely common during the summer. People try to enjoy the warm weather while it lasts (especially while living in Michigan). After exposure to sun rays and pool chemicals, it is extremely important to be sure that you are taking good care of your hair. In order to provide you with some helpful tips in keeping your hair healthy, I recently sat down with Ms. Theresa King (‘Ms. Reecy’) a Cosmetology Instructor at Dorsey School of Beauty in Madison Heights, MI. Here is what she shared:

Tips for After Swimming

  • Immediately after swimming, use a clarifying shampoo.

Clarifying shampoo is a special shampoo made especially for cleansing build ups of chlorine and different residues that dull the hair out

  • Follow up with a good moisturizing shampoo

After you hair has been stripped of buildup and chemicals, you must make sure to hydrate it. Using a moisturizing shampoo and leave in conditioner until you decided to blow dry and curl your hair, will keep your hair soft and healthy.

Tips for Styling

Beauticians Day 2016 | Dorsey Schools of Michigan

A lot of times people wear the wet look in the summer, keeping a good leave in conditioner or leaving some of your conditioner in your hair is a great idea when rocking this style.  Simply put water in a spray bottle and mix it equal parts with moisturizing conditioner.

Well, there you have it, we have provided you with several quick tips for hair, skin, and nail care that you may use this summer (or perhaps year-round).

If you have a passion or interest in beauty treatments and the cosmetology industry, then you may wish to consider pursuing a career in the field.


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