5 Reasons to Choose Dorsey College for Your Practical Nurse Training

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If you have been thinking about pursuing a career as an LPN, the natural first step is selecting the practical nurse training program that is right for you.  This is a big step in your journey, and attending nursing school is a lot of work, so it is a step you shouldn’t take lightly.  Here at Dorsey College, we offer an exceptional Practical Nurse training program designed to help students on their journey towards becoming an LPN.  Today, we are sharing 5 reasons why you should choose Dorsey College for your practical nurse training.  Continue reading below to learn more!

1. Experience and Reputation

In selecting a practical nurse training program that’s right for you, the first thing you want to consider is their experience and reputation.  Dorsey College has been providing quality career training in Michigan for nearly 90 years.  In fact, Dorsey College has the distinction of being the longest-standing career training school in the state of Michigan.  Over the years, thousands of students have chosen Dorsey to receive the hands-on training needed to pursue their newly chosen career.

In addition, Dorsey College has been training aspiring LPNs since 2011.  Dorsey College is proud to have tens of thousands of successful graduates with thousands coming from the Practical Nurse program.  In fact, Dorsey College is the largest provider of practical nurse graduates in the state of Michigan.

2. Convenience and Flexibility

As we noted above, going to nursing school is a big commitment.  Before enrolling in nursing school, you will want to ensure you are able to dedicate the time and energy needed to make the most of your education.  Part of this includes selecting a nursing school and a practical nurse training program that offers convenience and flexibility.

At Dorsey College, we offer our Practical Nurse training program at five campus locations:

If you are searching for “practical nursing training near me,” Dorsey College offers several options in Michigan in terms of campus locations, so you can choose the one that is most convenient for you.

In addition to multiple campuses that offer practical nurse training, Dorsey College also offers various options in terms of schedules.  We realize that our students have busy lives outside of school, so we offer both morning and afternoon classes in the Practical Nurse program.  Schedule availability will vary by campus location, so contact us directly to learn more.

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 3. Preparation for the NCLEX and Your Nursing Career

It’s important that your practical nurse training not only provides you with preparation for the NCLEX, but for your nursing career as well.  At Dorsey College, our Practical Nurse program has been skillfully designed with our students’ success in mind.  We offer several tools and resources available to our nursing students, including:

  • Student Support and Tutoring

In addition to the Director of Nursing, each of our campuses that offer the Practical Nurse program also have a Program Manager.  This person works closely with students to ensure their success, not only in the program, but also as they prepare for the NCLEX.  This may often include providing free tutoring to students who need additional assistance outside of class.

  • On-Campus Patient Simulations

When we say we are committed to the success of our students, we mean it!  Over the years, we have acquired several patient simulators from Gaumard.  Simulation-based training allows us to replicate actual conditions and situations a patient may go through in a clinical setting while in the controlled environment of the classroom.  This is an amazing way for our students to learn about patient-specific scenarios (and how to handle them) before they are in the field working.  We invite you to come to one of our campuses to see for yourself!  While availability and use of the simulators may vary from campus to campus, some of the simulators Dorsey College uses include:

  • Susie Simon– Newborn Advanced Care Simulator: These simulators allow students to practice newborn assessments, and care of the newborn.
  • Multipurpose Toddler: These mid-fidelity simulators provide students with learning opportunities from pediatrics through medical-surgical nursing.  It includes wireless capabilities which aids in teaching cardiac and orthopedic emergencies.
  • HAL– Advanced Multipurpose Patient Simulator: This is a multipurpose simulator that can address medical conditions for the advanced learner.  This simulator is used in our medical-surgical and gerontology courses.  This will help students develop critical thinking skills while utilizing the nursing process.  This simulator’s primary use is for medical surgical nursing, emergency care and is easily transportable for creating realistic learning environments.
  • Clinical Chloe – Nursing Care Patient Simulator: This mid-fidelity simulator offers basic care plus advanced care setting via wireless streaming. This simulator can help students gain more precision in their skills and move toward competence.
  • NOELLE® with Newborn TORY® – Advanced Maternal and Neonatal Care Simulation Package: This is an advanced maternal childbirth simulator.  This simulator allows students to gain experience from prenatal care through the delivery.  The simulator has wireless capabilities, monitors and exposes the student to a realistic birthing experience.  Its primary capability is for birthing, yet it offers some cardiac, neurological, respiratory, and emergency care features.
  • Review for the NCLEX-PN® Exam

Once you complete your practical nurse training, you will need to turn your focus on the NCLEX.  At Dorsey College, we have designed our program in such a way that allows students to develop and hone their critical thinking skills throughout their program.  These critical thinking skills are essential for success on the NCLEX (not to mention, success in your nursing career).  In addition, students will have the opportunity to take part in a formalized NCLEX review at the conclusion of their program.

4. Your Tuition & Fees Include Much More than Classroom Instruction…

When you go back to school, the last thing you want is to be surprised by additional fees and costs.  At Dorsey College, we’ve worked hard to eliminate that burden from our students.  As a result, when a student chooses Dorsey College for their practical nurse training, there are several other things that are either already included in their tuition, or Dorsey College will pay the cost of them on behalf of the student.  Some of these items include:

  • Books

At Dorsey College, we’ve included the cost of books in your tuition.  This way, you don’t have to worry about purchasing books every time you start a new class.  We have you covered!

  • Electronic Device

Practical Nurse students at Dorsey College also receive an electronic device.  This helps aid in their classroom instruction, as well as assist students in the learning process when they aren’t on campus.

  • Scrub Uniform and a Lab Coat

Our students also receive a scrub uniform and a lab coat.

  • Integrated Testing/NCLEX Review

We want to see our students succeed…from the classroom, to the NCLEX, and then in their new career, once licensed.  As a result, we have incorporated specialized testing into our classes to help students prepare for the NCLEX throughout their program.  In addition, we have added a formalized NCLEX review for students at the end of their practical nurse training.  Our students won’t have to worry about signing up for a review course after their program – we have them covered!

  • Licensing/Testing Fees

Dorsey College will pay the cost, one time, for students to challenge the NCLEX exam, contingent upon the student meeting the Dorsey College exam preparation requirements.  In addition, we will cover a student’s licensing application and fingerprint fees.  What a relief knowing that these costs will already be taken care of for you once the time comes, and it won’t mean extra money out of pocket for you.

5. Get Started Faster than You May Think!

Lastly, we think one of the best things about selecting Dorsey College for your practical nurse training is the fact that you can get started sooner than you may think.  Some schools may only have classes starting a few times a year.  Others may have long wait lists.  We realize our students come to us because they want to train in a relatively short amount of time and start their new career as quickly as possible.  As a result, we have classes that start every 6 weeks, and in some cases, up to 8-times per year.  Start dates and frequency will vary by campus, so it’s best to contact the campus location you’re interested in attending directly.  In addition, while seats can fill up fast, we don’t have long wait lists.  Some class start times are more popular than others, but you shouldn’t have to wait months to start your training.

Well, there you have it!  We’ve outlined 5 reasons why you should select Dorsey College for your practical nurse training.  We invite you to contact us today to learn more.  In addition, we’d love to have you visit one of our campus locations to not only learn more about the program but tour our school as well.  We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goal of becoming an LPN!