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Are you considering a career as a patient care technician? Choosing a PCT career comes with many exciting commitments you might want to be prepared for! As a patient care technician, you could play a vital role on a healthcare team while working alongside trained RN’s and physicians performing important medical duties. If you choose a PCT career path, you could help patients in their time of need and build a fulfilling career for yourself. Now, let’s explore some PCT qualifications and commitments you might be responsible for as a patient care technician!

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PCT Career Commitment #1: Show Empathy and Kindness

If there is one commitment you should make as an aspiring patient care technician, it is to show kindness and compassion to every single patient! Showing empathy could give you a good reputation with your patients as well as create a secure environment for them to get well. Before patients communicate with their doctor or nurse about their condition, you could be the first one they speak to. Addressing them with respect and care could help them feel assured and taken care of. Making the commitment in your PCT career to give your full attention, provide amazing care, and show kindness is a huge part of becoming a PCT.

PCT Career Commitment #2: Be a Team Player

Commitment to teamwork is an undeniable PCT qualification. As a PCT you could be working in a variety of workplace settings with many different healthcare professionals. It is important that you know how to work well with others for the benefit of your patients. Those in a PCT career often work under the supervision of a physician or RN while providing basic care. Commitment in your PCT career to working as a team could help you succeed on the job as well as help your fellow medical staff provide excellent patient care.

PCT Career Commitment #3: Be open to Becoming a Life-long Learner

Another vital PCT qualification is the commitment to growth and learning! You took the first step by furthering your education through a PCT school. On-going learning after PCT school could allow you to enhance your current skill set and make you a better healthcare professional overall. Patients rely on healthcare workers to know what they’re doing and to do it with excellence. Having the mindset, as a PCT, that you will never stop learning could strengthen your PCT career and capabilities.

PCT Career Commitment #4: Choose a solid PCT school

A great PCT career starts with a commitment to the right training program! Those who choose this career path could be working one on one with patients and handling important responsibilities. These responsibilities require patient care technicians to know their stuff so they could provide valuable care! When selecting a patient care technician training program, make sure you choose a school that provides an externship portion of their PCT school! Externships allow you to practice the skills you are learning in a variety of real medical environments with actual patients. Choosing a school that provides hands-on learning as well as a clear understanding of the basic responsibilities of a PCT career, could help you meet future PCT qualifications.

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If you have been searching for the right PCT school to prepare you to pursue your patient care technician certification in Michigan, choose Dorsey Schools. Our Patient Care Technician training program at Dorsey Schools offers you a unique learning experience. You can learn highly valued skills such as:

  • Providing excellent patient care
  • Training in infection control
  • Pharmacology
  • A foundational understanding of human physiology
  • Knowledge of common disease and treatments
  • Handling laboratory tests
  • Important medical terminology.

We allow you to practice these skills during your externship at the end of the program. The externship could give you the chance to gain professional exposure in a variety of medical facilities for a more in-depth learning experience. Once you successfully graduate from our Patient Care Technician program and meet all exam preparation requirements, Dorsey Schools will pay the cost one time for you to challenge a certification exam as selected by Dorsey Schools.

Successfully passing the exam could give you the opportunity to pursue your new PCT career! Are you ready to commit to your dream of becoming a patient care technician? Explore all the possibilities of an exciting PCT career by training at Dorsey Schools!

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