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Dorsey CPR Training 2019

By knowing CPR, you could help save a life. CPR is known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation. It is a procedure that involves chest compressions and ventilation during a cardiac or breathing emergency. If you have been thinking about taking CPR classes, now is a good time to put that plan into action. Today we are talking about three reasons why you should take CPR classes in 2019. Check them out below!

1. CPR Saves Lives!

Having your CPR Certification in MI can mean so much more than being a lifeguard during the summer! Being CPR Certified means you have the opportunity to become a beacon of assistance in times of emergency. It also means that you are taking the proper steps to help prevent a possible tragedy within the lives of those around you!

In addition, according to CPR.Heart.org, if CPR is immediately administered to someone in cardiac arrest, it can double or triple their chance of survival.

There is no time like the present to begin you CPR Certification classes! The sooner you get your CPR Certification, the sooner your new skillset becomes an asset to you and those around you.

So why wait? Start preparing to help prevent possible tragedy today.

2. CPR Certification Could Be Required to Obtain Employment or May Help You Advance Your Career.

Going through your CPR Certification classes and obtaining your certification can help you every day, and not just if you work in the medical field.

While obtaining your CPR Certification in MI can help you further your career in the medical field, it can also set you up to be a better candidate in many other fields as well. Having your CPR Certification may not be required for every position, but it is certainly smiled upon in various roles. Other occupations where having your CPR Certification could be helpful, are childcare, education roles (teaching, tutoring, etc.), being a flight attendant, anything having to do with training (such as personal training, physical therapy, etc.), sports related roles, and many other areas. Because there is no limit to where an emergency will strike, there is no better time than the present to be ready to help someone.

3. CPR Classes Can Help Build Your Confidence In An Emergency Situation

Dorsey CPR ClassesKnowing what you are doing in an emergency situation demonstrates confidence, and having the certification to back it up speaks for itself! By taking CPR classes and becoming certified you are prepping yourself to be prepared and of assistance for any number of heart-health emergency situations. You could be the difference maker! The life you save could even be that of a loved one. According to CPR.Heart.org, 350,000 instances of cardiac arrest happen each year outside of a hospital. That means emergency can strike anywhere at any time, which heightens the need for people to be CPR certified.


CPR Classes in Michigan | Dorsey Schools | Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy

Dorsey Schools offers a variety of programs that include instruction in CPR. Our programs also include the opportunity to acquire a larger set of skills for students to prepare for their new career in healthcare as well. Our Medical Assistant and Patient Care Technician training programs are two programs where CPR classes and training are administered through the program. Each of these programs can be completed in just a year and are career-focused programs.

Another route to obtain your CPR certification in MI is to train to become an EMT-Basic or an EMT-Paramedic. An EMT is an Emergency Medical Technician. If you are interested in an EMT program, Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy (DEMA) can help provide you with the training you need. DEMA is a Division of Dorsey Schools and offers classes in Madison Heights, New Boston, Bay City, and Jackson, Michigan.

If you are looking to sign-up for CPR certification classes only, Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy has you covered for that too! Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy locations offer several AHA (American Heart Association) courses. These courses range from Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers to a simple Family and Friends CPR training course.

Are you ready to make a change for the better? Contact us today to learn more!

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