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Have you been thinking about training for a new career? If so, you may want to consider training towards a  dental assistant career. We are here to explain why dental assisting is a good career. We are also sharing 3 reasons why you should consider training in this exciting field! Pursuing a dental assistant career could give you the opportunity to serve an important role on the dental healthcare team. Dental assistants work under the supervision of dentists. They work closely with dentists and patients. Dental assistants perform a variety of duties. Some of these may include prepare patients for treatments and procedures, sterilizing instruments, and assisting dentists during procedures. Dental assistants may also keep records of treatments, schedule appointments, and work with patients on billing and payment.

There are a variety of tasks that you can perform in your dental assistant career. That means if you are seeking a career where no two days are alike; this may be the career for you. If you want more info on a potential career as a Dental Assistant read more below. We will break down what it takes to pursue a Dental Assistant career!

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1. Dental Assistant Training Could be Completed in Just One Year!

If you are thinking about making a change quickly, dental assisting could be a good option. Many dental assistant career training programs can be completed in a year or less! In dental assistant training courses, you could have the opportunity to strengthen technical knowledge. In addition, you can learn dental assistant clinical skills that can then be put into practice in your new career. During dental assistant career training, you may be exposed to a variety of classes. Some of these may include infection control in dentistry and dental anatomy. Classes such as dental materials, dental office administration, and intro to radiography may also be included in your program.

Receiving comprehensive training can be advantageous for your future dental assistant career. Dental assistant career training can allow you to learn in a hands-on environment. Since dental assisting is a hands-on career, this type of training can be an advantage. Many programs also include an externship. These are beneficial because they allow students to practice the skills they have learned in school in an actual dental healthcare setting. There are many benefits to pursuing dental assistant career training. Making this investment in yourself can be an important step in pursuing your dental assistant career.

2. Help Others on a Daily Basis

By pursuing a dental assistant career, you could be helping others on a daily basis. Dental assistants work very closely with patients. In fact, a key part of a dental assistant’s duties is to prepare patients for procedures, ensure they are comfortable, and provide instructions to them. Because dental assistants work so closely with patients, it is important that they have good interpersonal skills. This means dental assistants should be considerate and empathetic because some patients may be in pain or have concerns regarding their dental health (or a procedure). In addition, if a dental assistant performs tasks around the dental office, they need good interpersonal skills since they will be working with patients on things such as scheduling appointments and handling billing matters. There are many benefits to pursuing a dental assistant career; among them is the ability to help others on a daily basis.

3. Have the Opportunity to Embrace a Positive Job Outlook

There are many positive aspects to a dental assistant career. One of which is, you can contribute to your patients’ smiles. Another is helping your patients feel more at ease because let’s face it, for many, going to the dentist isn’t among our favorite things. Another benefit to a dental assistant career is working in an occupation with a positive job outlook. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of dental assistants is projected to grow 11% from 2018 to 2028. This projection is much faster than the average for all occupations1. There are several things contributing to the projected job growth for dental assistants. One is ongoing research that links oral health to overall health. This could lead to an increased demand in preventative dental services in order to maintain good oral health. Another potential reason is the aging of the baby boom population. As these individuals age and keep more of their teeth, the need for maintain good oral health could also rise. If dental practices experience an increase in demand for preventative services, dentists will continue to hire dental assistants to help perform routine tasks in their practice.

If you are looking for dental assistant jobs in Michigan, the employment outlook is also positive. According to the State of Michigan DTMB, Bureau of Labor Market Information and Strategic Initiatives, employment of Dental Assistants is projected to grow 19.9% between 2016 and 20262.

If you are considering a dental assistant career, you have chosen to pursue an occupation with a great employment outlook. Now it is time to take the next step and put your aspirations of a dental assistant career into motion!

Train Towards A Dental Assistant Career at Dorsey Schools | MI-NEW-CAREER

Your goal of pursuing a dental assistant career is within reach. With training from Dorsey Schools, we can assist you on your path towards becoming a dental assistant and helping patients on a daily basis. When you enroll in your dental assistant career training at Dorsey Schools, you will benefit from hands-on instruction both in your classes as well as during an externship. This experience can be extremely beneficial as you pursue a role in the dental assisting field. The program at Dorsey Schools has been designed to be completed in just one year, allowing students to train in a short amount of time and prepare to launch their new dental assistant career.

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At Dorsey Schools, we know that it takes a lot of time and effort to transition to a new career path. That is why our programs are for those who would like to reskill or retrain towards a potential new career field. We are committed to helping our students prepare for their newly chosen career. Your new role as a dental assistant is within reach. Contact us at Dorsey Schools today to learn how we can help you get started with your dental assistant training.

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NOTE: The Michigan Department of Community Health, Bureau of Health Professions and the Board of Dentistry, are responsible for the licensing of individuals who want to practice dentistry, dental hygiene and advanced levels of dental assisting. Students attending a course in dental assisting that is offered by a licensed proprietary school that is not accredited by the American Dental Association are not eligible for licensure by the State of Michigan. Dorsey Schools is classified as a licensed proprietary school and is not accredited by the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation. Graduates of this program are not eligible for licensure as a Registered Dental Assistant. However, graduates of this program may challenge a certification exam offered by the Dental Assisting National Board, Inc. after completing 3,500 hours of dental work experience. Dorsey’s Dental Assistant Program includes the opportunity to sit for the Radiation Health and Safety (RHS) and the Infection Control (ICE) certification exams, which are two components of the Dental Assisting national Board (“DANB”) Certified Dental Assistant (“CDA”) exam. Graduates of this program may complete the third exam component necessary for DANB’s CDA credential, which is challenged after completing “a minimum of 3,500 hours’ work experience as a dental assistant, accrued over a period of at least two years (24 months, if employed fulltime) to a maximum of four years (48 months, if employed part-time) which employment must be verified by a licensed dentist.”

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