EMT B – Exciting Career Opportunities and Job Outlook in Michigan

EMT B Career Path

Has a career in the emergency medical services always interested you, but you’re not sure which one you should pursue? You enjoy helping others and are ready to make a difference in the world – two very important qualities that someone in the EMS field should have. If you’re ready to begin helping others in your community while embarking on a rewarding new career in healthcare, enrolling in EMT B (EMT Basic) classes could be the career path you’re looking for!

Make An Impact in Your Community As An EMT Basic (EMT B)

By enrolling in an EMT basic course, you could begin your path to making a positive impact in your neighborhood. As an EMT, you could help others who are in need of care in emergency situations. An EMT can provide first-aid treatment and assess a patient’s condition so that proper care can be given if a person has been injured. EMTs could also help transfer patients to the emergency room of a hospital or healthcare facility and document the medical care that has been given to them. (1) The role of an EMT is an extremely vital one in ensuring that patients are taken care of during a medical emergency.

There is A Growing Demand For EMT Basics and For Good Reason | EMT Job Outlook

According to BLS data, the job outlook for EMTs and Paramedics is expected to increase 7% from 2018-2028, (2) which is faster than average. The growth in the middle-aged and the older population will lead to an increase in age-related health issues, which could make EMT jobs more in demand.

Michigan is in the highest percentile for employment of EMTs - ranging from 6,810 to 21,430 employed. (3) From 2016 to 2026, employment of EMTs and Paramedics in East Michigan is projected to increase by 16%. (4)

Become an EMT Basic (EMT B) and You Could Have The Opportunity To Climb The Career Ladder

Do you wonder if becoming an EMT Basic could lead to more opportunities in the healthcare industry? The answer is yes! Your role as an EMT Basic could prepare you to pursue bigger roles in healthcare, such as: (5)

  • Paramedic
  • Emergency room technician
  • Registered Nurse
  • Emergency Medical Services Manager (or Instructor)
  • Firefighter or Police Officer (another type of first responder)
  • Physician’s Assistant

By beginning your medical career path as an EMT basic, you could be on your way to another exciting medical job in the near future! Some of the roles above may require additional training and/or experience, but your career as an EMT Basic can help you get started on this path.

Get Started On Your EMT Training at Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy!

Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy’s EMT Basic program is a great way to begin your new career path as an EMT! The EMT Basic program at DEMA is designed to prepare students to provide basic life support to sick and injured patients. The program also fulfills the initial training for the EMT Basic in Michigan following the NHTSA National Education Standards and instructor guidelines.

At DEMA, you will receive hands-on training, as students enrolled in this EMT basic course are required to complete 32 hours of clinical experience - 24 ambulance hours and 8 emergency room hours. Training at DEMA could be extremely helpful in preparing you for life as an EMT, as you will have first-hand experience in a medical environment. Some of the skills you could learn during your training are:

  • Basic airway procedures
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
  • Treatment of patients in shock
  • Patient privacy (HIPPA)
  • Plus more important medical skills!

Moving forward, you could apply these newly acquired skills towards your new career, pending successful completion of your training and becoming licensed. This could help you feel confident in your new abilities!

Upon successful completion of the EMT Basic program at DEMA, you will be eligible to take the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) exam. Our EMT Basic program is also designed to prepare students for further advancement in the field to pursue Paramedic-level licensure.

Get Started Now at DEMA!

By training to become an EMT basic, you could have a rewarding new career that not only helps people in need but could also lead to another medical career in the future. With DEMA’s hands-on training, you could be on your way to a promising start in the healthcare field. Why wait any longer? Contact us to learn more about the EMT basic course and get started on your medical journey today!

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