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About Dorsey Schools

Can you tell me about Dorsey Schools?
In 1934 Ruth Dorsey opened The Dorsey School in Detroit, MI. Since our founding, Dorsey has become known as a quality provider of career training throughout Michigan. Today Dorsey Schools has ten campus locations throughout Michigan and offers short-term hands-on training programs to prepare their students to pursue exciting new careers in fields such as Healthcare, Beauty, Culinary, and Skilled Trades.


How long has Dorsey been around?
Dorsey Schools has been providing quality career training to men and women in Michigan since 1934! With over 80 years of service to its students and the local communities where they live and work, Dorsey also has the distinction of being the longest standing career school in the state of Michigan.


Is Dorsey Schools Accredited?
YES! Dorsey Schools is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).  Dorsey School of Beauty (located at the Taylor Campus) is institutionally accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences, Inc. (NACCAS).  In addition, the Culinary Arts program, available at the Roseville and Waterford-Pontiac campuses, is accredited by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation’s (ACFEF) Accrediting Commission.


What’s the difference between Dorsey and other career training schools?
Students choose to study at Dorsey Schools for a variety of reasons. You can check out The Dorsey Difference page to learn a little more about what makes us different from some other schools.


What types of programs do you offer?
Dorsey Schools offers career training programs in a variety of fields such as Medical/Healthcare, Beauty, Culinary, and Skilled Trades.


When do you offer classes?
Dorsey Schools offers both day and evening classes, however, class availability may vary by program and by campus.


Can you help me find a job once I finish my program?
It’s important to note that no school can guarantee its graduates that they will find them a job. Here at Dorsey Schools, we have a dedicated team of Career Services Coordinators prepared to offer assistance to all eligible graduates.


How can I obtain more information about Dorsey Schools and/or your programs?
To learn more about Dorsey Schools, you can click here to Contact Us or you can call us at 888-422-1188. We’d love to hear from you!


What is your weather closing policy and how will I know if school is cancelled due to inclement weather?
In the event of a class cancellation or school closure due to an emergency such as a power outage or a snow day, Dorsey Schools has established the following set of resources to keep students and staff informed:

  • Students can check for school closure information with the major local television stations in their area.
  • School closures will also be posted on on the homepage under News/Events and the main Dorsey Schools Facebook page.
  • Students may call the Dorsey Schools Emergency Alert line at 855-630-1012 to receive info on school closures.


Dorsey Schools Campus Locations

Where are your campuses located?
Dorsey Schools has convenient campus locations in Michigan: Dearborn, MILansing, MI; Madison Heights, MI; Roseville, MI; Saginaw, MI; Southgate, MI; Taylor, MI; Waterford-Pontiac, MI; and Wayne-Westland, MI.


Do you offer all of your programs at each campus?
No, programs vary by campus. You can view specific program or campus pages to check availability.


Are your campuses close to the bus line?
Yes, Dorsey Schools campuses are close and accessible to public transportation. We would encourage you to contact the campus location of your choice to learn more.


Do your campuses offer child care?
Dorsey Schools does not offer child care at our locations, but our local campus teams are happy to share any information they have with students and prospective students about child care options they know of in the local area.


Am I able to visit a campus before enrolling?
Yes, as part of our Admissions process, you will have the opportunity to visit one of our campuses, take a tour of the school, and sit down with an Admissions Representative for a one-on-one career planning session.


How can I learn more about the campus I’m interested in attending or how can I contact them?
You can learn more about Dorsey Schools campuses by checking out our Campus Locations page and selecting the campus of your choice. We’ve listed each of our Dorsey Schools campuses here along with their contact information.

Applying at Dorsey Schools

What are your application requirements?
Generally accepted requirements for admission to Dorsey Schools are:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent (GED)
  • A career planning session with a Dorsey Schools Admissions Representative, and…
  • A desire, interest and motivation to succeed

Certain Dorsey Schools programs may also have program-specific Admissions Requirements. We would encourage you to visit our Admissions Information page where you can learn more about general admissions requirements as well as program-specific admissions requirements.


Is there an application fee?
No, Dorsey Schools does not have an application fee.


Do you offer Financial Aid?
Financial Aid is available for those who qualify.


When should I apply for admission if I’m interested in attending Dorsey?
If you know you’re interested in training for a new career and want to attend Dorsey, we encourage you to meet with one of our Admissions Representatives as soon as possible. They can assist you in getting set up and ready for school.


How much is the tuition at Dorsey?
Dorsey Schools program tuition information can be found on the Student Consumer Information page, under the Gainful Employment disclosures section by clicking on the program of your choice.


Studying at Dorsey Schools

How are your programs set up? Is someone just going to lecture to me?
The programs at Dorsey Schools are designed to offer hands-on training. In many of the programs students will have classes that take place in a traditional classroom setting, but they will also have the opportunity to practice the skills they are learning as well in a lab environment. Some programs will also include an externship component during the last module of training.


How long are your programs?
Many of our career training programs are designed to be completed in a year or less!


I’ve been out of school for a while. Can I really do this?
You can! Our students come to us from various walks of life. Some recently finished high school while others graduated years ago. Regardless of where you are at in your life, going back to school is an opportunity that anyone can pursue.


If I have difficulties while in school, will someone be able to assist me?
Yes. Depending upon your situation, there may be various people and/or resources available to you. Our instructors will be your guide throughout your program and will offer to assist any way they can. In addition, each of our Managing Directors has an open door policy, so if there is something that you’re struggling with, you can always feel free to speak with them about the situation.


Who are your teachers and what are their qualifications?
Our teachers are caring individuals that possess experience and expertise in their respective field. Our teachers meet the criteria set forth by the State of Michigan as well as the criteria set forth by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (Dorsey Schools’ institutional accrediting body). It’s not uncommon for our students to see their teachers at coaches as mentors because they are going to be there to help guide you throughout your training.


What is the externship and why is that important?
An externship is included in many Dorsey Schools programs. For those programs that include an externship, it will take place during the last module of training and will provide students with an opportunity to apply skills they have learned throughout their training in an actual occupational setting relevant to their area of study.


Is certification/licensure included in your program?
While actual certification is not included in the curriculum of the Dorsey Schools programs, graduates may go on to challenge a national certification exam. For many Dorsey Schools training programs, Dorsey Schools will pay the cost one time for students to challenge a certification/licensure exam as selected by Dorsey Schools, contingent upon the student meeting Dorsey Schools exam preparation requirements, which vary by program. You can check out your specific program of interest for more details.


Contacting Dorsey Schools

I’d like to learn more about your programs. How can I contact Dorsey Schools?
One of our Admissions Representatives would be happy to speak with you! You may Contact Us here or you can give us a call at 888-422-1188.


I’m not interested in going to school, but would like to contact the Dorsey Schools team. How can I do that?
If you’d like to contact one of our campuses, you may visit our Campus Locations page to view the contact information for the location of your choice. You may also email our staff at


I’m a graduate of Dorsey and need a copy of my diploma and/or transcript. How can I request that information?
You may visit our Request a Diploma/Transcript page to learn more about this process.


I am interested in working for Dorsey Schools. How can I learn about employment opportunities?
Feel free to visit our Employment Opportunities page where you can search current job openings with Dorsey Schools.


I am interested in learning more about some of the services Dorsey offers (Catering, Salon, Massage). Where can I get that information?
Feel free to click on the link below of the service you are interested in learning more about: