Career Services FAQs

What type of career services assistance is offered?
Dorsey Schools offers career services assistance to all eligible graduates. Since Dorsey has been preparing students for exciting new careers for over 80 years, our team has developed long-standing relationships with many employers throughout Michigan, making Dorsey your Career Connection™! Our talented team of Career Services Coordinators is prepared to help you with your career search! Our Career Services team can assist you in your transition from Dorsey Schools into your field of interest by:

  • Assisting with writing a resume that can help you stand out
  • Assisting with interview tips and techniques
  • Sharing employment opportunities in your specific field
  • Providing ongoing guidance and support throughout your search processTo register for employment assistance, please contact the Career Services Department at your Dorsey Schools campus location. You may also email us at



Can you find me a job?
It’s important to point out that no school can guarantee their students and graduates job placement, however, we are committed to offering career services assistance to all eligible graduates and working with you to help you launch your new career. In addition to the assistance mentioned above, our team of Career Services Coordinators will share information with our graduates about job fairs and job openings. Since Dorsey has developed strong relationships with employers over the years, they will often call us letting us know about openings they have and asking if we have graduates available to fill those positions.


How long will it take me to find a job?
There’s no simple answer to this, it just depends. Some students may be hired from their externship site and begin their new job after graduation. Others may take some time to find a good match.


How long will I receive career services assistance?
We’re committed to you! There is no specific amount of time or deadline you have as a graduate of Dorsey Schools to be eligible to receive career services assistance.


What is the externship?
The externship is a component of many (but not all) Dorsey Schools programs where students will have the opportunity to apply and practice the skills and knowledge they have obtained throughout their program in an actual occupational setting during the last module of their program. Our team will work to match you with an externship site where you can obtain this professional experience, which can be extremely helpful in launching your new career.


Is it possible to be hired from my externship site?
Absolutely! In fact, it’s not uncommon for students to be hired from their externship sites (but it’s not a guarantee either). We encourage each of our students to treat their externship as if it were a job interview. You’re going to be in an occupational setting for 6-weeks alongside other professionals in the field. This is your time to shine! Even if an externship site does not have a position available at the time, they may be willing to serve as a reference for the graduate as they pursue other opportunities.


If I’m a graduate of Dorsey and find myself in need of assistance from career services, can I come back and speak with someone?
YES! If we are here and you need us, come see us. Our team is more than willing to help Dorsey graduates who may need assistance. You can contact the campus you attended directly.


How are your placement rates?
To see more information about our Placement Rates, you may visit the Student Consumer Information page and look at your respective program under the Gainful Employment Section. When you open the page for your specific program, placement information is located on the right-hand side in the box labeled “Success.”


Will I only receive assistance at the end of my program?
No. We’ve designed each of our programs from start to finish to help make you marketable in your new career. This includes giving you the opportunity to learn the skills and knowledge you’re going to need to be successful in your career throughout the program. We also focus on “soft skills,” so many students will take classes that help them develop their professional communication skills as well as their interpersonal skills. It’s important to be technically skilled in your new career, but it’s equally (if not more) important to be able to have solid communication skills since many of our graduates find themselves working in roles and settings directly with other people. You’ll hear more from our Career Services Coordinators towards the end of your program, but it’s important to keep in mind that everything in the program is a building block to help you launch your new career.


I’d like to pursue certification/licensure after my program, can you help me with that?
Yes. We encourage each of our students/graduates to pursue any applicable certifications and/or licensure specific to their area of study, as this can help you become more marketable in your search. In addition, some employers may require certification / licensure, and some occupations require licensure in order to obtain gainful employment. Each of our programs are designed to assist students in preparing for their respective certification/licensure exam.


I’ve never been on an interview before, can you help me?
Yes, our Career Services Coordinators can assist you by sharing interview tips and strategies and also providing feedback as you prepare for interviews. It’s also important to note that the Business Communication and Interpersonal Skills that are covered in many programs can also help here as well!


I’m very nervous about interviewing, can you help me?
That’s okay! Think of it this way, anyone who has a job had their “first” interview at some point in time, right?! It’s not uncommon to be a little nervous, and one of the best ways to overcome those nerves is through practice. Our team can help you practice for your interview beforehand.


I don’t have a resume, can you help me?
Yes, our team can help you in developing a professional resume.


I’m not sure how I should dress for the interview?
Our team of Career Services Coordinators can provide you with guidance and information on interview attire prior to going out for interviews if you have questions or concerns on how you should dress.