Michigan Academy of Emergency Services and Allied Health     UPDATE:  As of June 2018, Michigan Academy of Emergency Services and Allied Health in New Boston, MI now operates as Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy.  The school is now located in Woodhaven, MI.  The Woodhaven, MI campus of Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy also offers classes in Jackson, MI.   The former MAESAH Campus in New Boston, MI (now operating as Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy in Woodhaven) is a Division of Dorsey which offer the following programs:

Emergency Medical Services

EMS Continuing Education

American Heart Association Training

Michigan Academy of Emergency Services and Allied Health (MAESAH), now operating as Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy, believes in quality education, and when it comes to healthcare – it is just as important to understand why something needs to be done, as it is to know how it is done. Through rigorous hands-on training in our excellent labs and facilities, our students have the opportunity to gain the relevant skills necessary to excel in a new career in emergency medical services or allied health. One trademark of the student’s learning experience is the personalized instruction, support and guidance from faculty and healthcare professionals. The education and training provided is focused specifically on the areas of interests, with no extraneous and unnecessary coursework. Classes are offered in both Woodhaven, MI and Jackson, MI, however, program offerings vary by location.

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Educational Excellence Characterizes Your Learning Experience

The learning experience at MAESAH, now known as Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy, is characterized by educational excellence. Your aims in life are real and unique to you; you have the goal of transforming your dream job of working in the healthcare field into a new and exciting reality. We have the programs and courses, the accomplished and caring faculty, and the supportive community that will empower you to do just that.