Dorsey Facebook Community Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Dorsey’s online community are a place where prospective students, current students, alumni, faculty, and staff can connect. Dorsey encourages an active Facebook community, but is not responsible for any posts, links, photos or any other media posted by visitors to Dorsey’s page(s). Furthermore, content posted by visitors does not reflect the positions, strategies or policies of Dorsey.

Dorsey reserves the right to remove any content from its social media communities.  Furthermore, posts that violate our Code of Conduct policy may be removed. Dorsey reserves the right to not post outside material on Dorsey’s Facebook page.

Topic and Comment Guidelines

Below is a summary of our online community guidelines:

  • Derogatory Comments: Derogatory comments of any kind toward individual students or groups are not permitted. This includes comments that are racist, sexist, or otherwise abusive.
  • Sexually Explicit Material: Posts or recommendations containing sexually explicit language, material, or links to sexually explicit material are not permitted.
  • Profanity: Profanity is not permitted.
  • Copyrighted Material: Posts containing other’s copyrighted material are not permitted.
  • Academic Dishonesty: Comments or forum topics referring to actions that are academically dishonest or unethical are not permitted.
  • Commercial Solicitations: Commercial Solicitations are not permitted.
  • Non-Constructive Negative Statements: Comments or recommendation posts that make libelous statements about faculty, administrators or students are not permitted. In addition, non-constructive, negative statements may be removed solely at the discretion of Dorsey.
  • Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities: Posts that violate Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities are not permitted (
  • Not following these rules may result in the post being deleted without prior notice or ban of the poster.
    If there are any questions regarding Dorsey’s Facebook page, please contact us at