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Nail Technician Schools

The Manicuring diploma program offered at Dorsey School of Beauty provides students with the opportunity to obtain a basic understanding of manicuring techniques that include plain manicure, nail art, oil manicure, nail repair, and artificial nail application treatments. The Manicuring program features a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training in our on-campus beauty clinic.

Nail Technician Schools – Dorsey School of Beauty Manicuring program

A nail technician is an individual who considers himself or herself to be a people person. Manicurists and Nail Technicians enjoy working with their hands and take pride in seeing to it that the work they do is done well. Are you looking to pursue an exciting career that allows you to interact with people, increase their happiness, and help them feel good about themselves, and improve the way they look? If so, a career as a manicurist or nail technician may be right for you.

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