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2023 Tax Information

In January each year, eligible educational institutions are required to report the previous tax years’ qualified educational expenses or tuition to the IRS; this is also provided to the relevant students. IRS tax Form 1098T will be mailed this month to students who have relevant transactions tax year.

Dorsey utilizes a vender (ECSI) to generate and mail Form 1098T to our students; the forms will be mailed by January 31st. If the student has not received the form in the mail (after the applicable mailing period has elapsed) students with an ECSI login can retrieve their form from the ECSI website. Our campus Financial Aid teams can also assist students by printing a copy. If a Form 1098T was not generated by ECSI for a student that is requesting one, please contact me with questions or issues.


Students can also receive an electronic copy of their 1098T directly from ECSI.  See the information below:


Dorsey School of Beauty has partnered with ECSI, offering you the opportunity to receive your 1098-T Tuition Statement electronically this year. If you would like to receive your 1098-T form electronically, please give your consent by following the link provided below and following the step-by-step instructions. 1098-T’s will be provided by the end of January 2024.


1098-T Electronic Consent

The benefits to receiving electronic notification are:

  • Online delivery provides access to the form 1098-T earlier than the traditional mailing process.
  • Online delivery eliminates the chance that the 1098-T will get lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery, or misplaced once the student receives it.
  • Signing up for online delivery is easy and secure.
  • Students can receive their 1098-T form while traveling or away from their home address.


To give consent to receive your 1098-T form electronically, click on the link below and follow the simple instructions to sign up!


It is that easy!

If you have any questions, please visit for information regarding your tax documents and to obtain contact information for ECSI.


Students that contact the campus because they have not received their form in the mail due to a change of address, should also complete a change of address form.


In addition, ECSI will also mail Form 1099E to relevant Dorsey School of Beauty students that received a Dorsey Institutional Loan. If you have a question about this form, it should be directed to ECSI. You may contact the Financial Aid office at the Dorsey School of Beauty campus and we can provide you with contact information for ECSI.


When in doubt, please contact your campus Financial Aid team for assistance or information.


Dorsey Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Report – Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students

Information regarding the Dorsey Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund Report – Emergency Financial Aid Grants to Students may be accessed by clicking here.

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