Paramedics (or sometimes referred to as EMT-Paramedics) play an important role in today’s healthcare system. For those interested in training to become a Paramedic, you may have some questions about this career. For example, “how do I become a Paramedic?” Or, perhaps, “what are the job duties of a Paramedic?” Or, “How do I become licensed as a Paramedic?” To answer these and other Paramedic-related questions often means getting info on a Paramedic training program. Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy can help you. Here at DEMA, we offer a Paramedic training program. This program is designed to build on the knowledge students attained during EMT-Basic training, with an even greater emphasis on pathophysiology of the human body.

Paramedic classes will strive to teach students about a variety of topics. These may include preparatory, airway/respiratory, patient assessment, trauma, medical, special considerations, and clinical experience. At Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy, students in our Paramedic program will be exposed to each of these topics. They can also gain professional exposure in the field.

Check out our blog here at Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy! We publish info on Paramedic training, Paramedic job duties, Paramedic licensure, and more! We strive to share useful for those who want to become a Paramedic. Are you interested in learning more about becoming a Paramedic? If so, take the first step! Learn more about Dorsey Emergency Medical Academy and how we can help you pursue your career as a Paramedic.